Submit and vote on your ideas!

Two of the Drupal Association’s 2012 priorities are to make awesome: both for site builders and for developers. We want to hear from you about what improvements you’d most like to see on

Please let us know your thoughts at You can propose new ideas, vote on existing ideas, and also leave comments. When we have the more discrete list of things we plan to cover in 2012 and when, we’ll share it with the community for feedback.

Important things to note:

  1. Please don’t limit yourself only to big things. The more high-impact, “low hanging fruit” we can fix, the better! 🙂 All suggestions must have a correlating URL on * with more information.
  2. Voting on an idea here does **not** necessarily mean it will get implemented, even if it’s one of the highest (or even *the* highest) thing in the list. We are using this tool as a barometer to find out more about what our contributor community thinks is important, so we can factor this into our prioritization process.
  3. That prioritization process will include needs of the Drupal Association itself (e.g. DrupalCon & membership-related tasks so we can perform our other necessary functions), the needs of the infrastructure team (keeps the servers humming), and the needs of the DA’s sponsors (keeps the money flowing so we can fund more improvements!).
  4. Unfortunately, no, this is not a Drupal site. If this fact appalls you, there is an idea in there that you can up-vote. 🙂 It does allow data export capabilities though, so yay!

HUGE kudos to tvn for a tremendous amount of research on existing ideas that are out there, and jredding and kattekrab for several hours of brainstorming. 🙂

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Announcing Jennifer Hodgdon as Drupal core committer!

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Documentation Team Leadership Change

Hi everybody –
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Trainings Announced for DrupalCon Denver

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DrupalCon Denver Scholarship Deadline is Tomorrow and Sprint Lead Applications Now Being Accepted

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Greg Knaddison to lead the Drupal Security Team

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Earlier this year the Drupal Association began a process to elect and build a new board. In July a call for nominations was made and the community responded with over 50 submissions. The nomination committee spent many weeks reviewing the nominations, …

Drupal 7.9 released

Drupal 7.9, a maintenance release with numerous bug fixes (no security fixes) is now available for download. Several critical bugs with the OpenID have been addressed in this release, among other critical and major bugs, and a few new API features. See…

One Week Left to Submit Sessions to DrupalCon Denver

Session proposals are still being accepted for the next DrupalCon, being held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, March 19 -23, 2012. The conference theme is “Collaborative Publishing for Every Device” and the deadline to submit sessions is Oc…