PrestaShop v1.4.10 – Refined and Improved

At PrestaShop, we harbor an attitude of growth and positive change. At the same time, we don’t easily forget what brought us here, to this amazing point. Together, with your amazing support and knowledge, we have grown and evolved to … Read more

10 tips for better SEO

So your online store only appears on the 20th page of Google results ? It’s not the end of the world if you follow our 10 tips. You’ll soon see your e-store move into pole position ! 1. Register your … Read more

Traceur : a sportswear range for Parkour and Free running

Rudy Duong, a Parkour enthusiast since the age of 15, has dedicated his brand Traceur (Tracker in English) to the sport. The brand name describes the practitioners of the sport, and is a line of lifestyle clothing that is 100% … Read more