How To Get Flash And H.264 To Work In Opera Browser (Ubuntu 14.04, 14.10 and 15.04)

Opera 26 (stable) was released for Linux today and if you’ve tried it, you might have noticed that, at least on a pretty fresh Ubuntu installation, Flash and H.264 don’t work.So here’s how to get Flash and H.264 (used for instance by the YouTube HTML5 player) to work with Opera on Ubuntu. The instructions below […]

Opera 26 Released, First Stable Linux Release In More Than A Year

Opera 26 (based on Chromium 39) was released today for Windows, Mac and Linux. This is the first stable Opera version available for Linux since Opera 12.16, which was released almost a year and a half ago.For Linux, the Opera 26 download page only offers Ubuntu 64bit deb binaries. According to the Opera for Linux […]

Install Opera Web browser in Ubuntu 13.04/12.10/12.04/11.10/Linux Mint

Install Opera Web browser in Ubuntu 13.04 Raring/Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal/Ubuntu 12.04/11.10/10.04/Linux Mint 14/13/12/Any Ubuntu, Mint or Ubuntu based version Opera is an independent Scandinavian company that’s been in the business of making web browsers since 1994. Opera founders saw the internet as a way of making information free and available to everyone in the world, […]

Keep Your Browser Profiles In tmpfs (RAM) For Reduced Disk Writes And Increased Performance With Profile Sync Daemon

Profile Sync Daemon is a tool to move the web browser profile to RAM, using tmpfs, which has the advantage of reducing disk writes (very useful for SSD), increased speed and responsiveness. The tool supports most browsers: Chromium, Google Chrome, Firefox (stable, beta and aurora), Conkeror, Midori, Opera (including Opera Next) and Qupzilla and is […]

Download Opera 11.60 Final for Linux

Opera Software proudly announced a few hours ago the immediate availability of the new, improved and highly anticipated Opera 11.60 web browser for Linux, Macintosh and Windows platforms. Opera 11.60 brings a revamped URL address field, which offers search suggestions, easy website bookmarking through the star shortcut in the address bar and ability to list […]

Is Opera 11.50 bigger than the Death Star?

Almost 1.2 million stormtroopers, droids and janitors can fit into a fully operational Death Star. Nearly 11 million people follow Lady Gaga on Twitter. Now, Opera aims to put those numbers to shame with the number of downloads for its newest browser. The world can follow our milestones with a live download counter on, […]

Opera 11 Web-Browser Released

There’s lots of new software being released this week prior to the holidays and year’s end, including the release of the Opera 11.0 web-browser. The Norwegians have been hard at work on Opera 11 and it’s now officially available. This web-browser from the Oslo company provides tab stacking, a safer address field, visual mouse gestures, […]