Oracle Java Installer Conflicting With Apt Bug Fixed [Ubuntu 14.04]

Ubuntu 14.04: apt was updated recently and it broke the Oracle Java 6, 7 and 8 installers available in the WebUpd8 Java PPA. I updated the package this morning so the bug should be fixed.So if upgrading apt removed Oracle Java, you’ll now be able to install it back in Ubuntu 14.04. Make sure you […]

Oracle Java PPA Updated With ARM Support

Starting today, both Oracle Java 7 and Java 8 (JDK) installers available in the WebUpd8 Java PPA support ARM.Oracle Java 7 supports ARM v6/v7 Hard Float and Soft Float ABI while Oracle Java 8 only supports ARM v6/v7 Hard Float ABI (there’s no JDK 8 ARM Soft Float ABI archive available for download on Oracle’s […]

Oracle Java 7 Update 40 (7u40) Released, Ubuntu PPA Updated

Quick update: Oracle has released Java 7 Update 40 (7u40) today and the new version is available in the WebUpd8 Java PPA, for Ubuntu and Debian users.Oracle Java 7u40 introduces the following new features:Java Mission Control (JMC), an advanced monitoring and diagnostics tool inherited from JRockit is now fully supported on JDK 7. This is […]

Oracle Releases Java 7 Update 25 (7u25) With 40 Critical Security Updates, Ubuntu PPA Updated

Quick update: Oracle has released Java 7 Update 25 and the new version is available in the WebUpd8 Oracle Java PPA, for Ubuntu and Debian users.Oracle Java 7 Update 25 (7u25) comes with fixes for 40 security vulnerabilities, along with other non-security fixes. Since JDK 6 hasn’t been updated with the latest security patches, if […]

Oracle Releases Critical Security Update For Java 7 (7u13) and Java 6 (6u39), PPA Updated

Oracle has released updates for Java 7: 7u13 and Java 6: 6u39, which come with a Critical Patch Update for 50 new security issues, of which 49 could be used to execute code remotely, without authentication. The updates were scheduled for February 19th, but because of the vulnerabilities affecting Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in browsers, […]

Oracle Releases Java 7 Update 11 (7u11) To Fix Critical Security Vulnerability, Ubuntu PPA Updated

Quick update: Oracle has released Java 7 update 11 which fixes a critical security vulnerability in update 10, so if you’re using our PPA, update to the latest JDK 7u11 as soon as possible.Also, with Oracle Java 7u11, the default security level for Java applets and web start applications has been increased form Medium to […]

Oracle (Sun) Java 6 Installer Available For Ubuntu And Debian Users [PPA]

As you know, we maintain a PPA repository which hosts Oracle Java 7 and 8 installers for Ubuntu and Debian users. WebUpd8 reader Eugene San has modified the package to install Oracle (Sun) Java 6, which is required for Android development, and he has asked us to upload it to our Java PPA.So you can […]

Oracle Fires Another Shot Over Red Hat’s Bow

Oracle announced today that it had bought Ksplice Inc., the company behind the software that allows a rebootless kernel change. This exciting technology was welcomed by the Linux community and was even provided free of cost to Fedora users. Knowing Oracle’s track record, this will undoubtedly cause worry throughout the community. Oracle isn’t planning on […]

Oracle takes over JavaOne conference

Next month’s revamped JavaOne conference, the first under Oracle’s jurisdiction, will feature a keynote presentation from Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, as well as the latest on Java technologies ranging from the GlassFish application server to the JavaFX rich media platform. Ellison will take the stage Sept. 20 in San Francisco to discuss Oracle’s vision and […]

Is Oracle Becoming the New Microsoft?

“Oracles are dumb,” the great John Milton once wrote, and though it may not be the meaning he intended, that’s a fair description of the prevailing sentiment in the Linux blogosphere these days. It’s a single Oracle being referred to today, of course — Oracle Corporation, that is, owner of Sun, jealous protector of Java […]

Is OpenOffice Next In Oracle’s Proprietary Plan?

With Oracle’s lawsuit against Google regarding parts of the Java code used in the Android OS drawing interpretation of many different kinds, many of the best columns I’m seeing about it conclude the same thing that we have: Oracle’s open source credibility will be forever tarnished. Canonical’s Mark Shuttleworth has said as much. Many analysts […]

Oracle’s ODF Plug-in Pricing: What’s up with That?

When news of Oracle’s intended acquisition of Sun Microsystems broke long ago, many people wondered what that would mean for OpenOffice, the most widely adopted full desktop implementation of ODF. But Oracle immediately imposed a company-wide “no comment” policy on that topic, so everyone has been wondering what the answer might be ever since. So […]

Sun’s Open Source chief leaves Oracle

Simon Phipps, Chief Open Source Officer at Sun, has left the company following its acquisition by Oracle. Reflecting on his nearly ten years at Sun in a posting on his personal blog, Phipps feels he achieved some “amazing things”, including the releasing of code for Unix, Java, elements of Linux and the SPARC chip under […]