Monitor Linux With Netdata

Netdata is a real-time resource monitoring tool with a friendly web front-end developed and maintained by FireHOL. With this tool, you can read charts representing resource utilization of things like CPUs, RAM, disks, network, Apache, Postfix and more. It is… Continue Reading →

New Forrester Study Examines Total Economic Impact of the Magento Enterprise eCommerce Platform


Based on interviews with five Magento merchants who migrated from other eCommerce solutions, Forrester Consulting created a composite merchant with $40m in annual online sales and analyzed the main costs, revenue lift, and ROI attributable to the Magento platform.

The study concludes, “Overall, we found that Magento Enterprise Edition provided the interviewed merchants with a stable, scalable, flexible platform that contributed to their incremental online revenue growth.”

Total Economic Impact

“Magento Enterprise Edition Enables A Scalable eCommerce Platform That Drives Businesses’

For a hypothetical composite merchant with $40 million in online sales that operates both brick-and-mortar stores as well as its eCommerce website, the study found that with the Magento Enterprise Edition Commerce platform the composite merchant experienced the three-year risk-adjusted costs and benefits shown in the below table:*


Revenue Uplift

“The composite merchant experiences an average revenue uplift of 17.3%. Of this, 20% is attributed directly to the Magento platform. We note that the interviewed merchants attributed between 10% and 80% of their revenue uplift to the Magento platform. For the interviewed merchants, revenue uplift was driven by more frequent marketing activities, sales events, and site optimization, which are enabled by Magento’s features and scalability.”*

To read the full commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, The Total Economic Impact of the Magento Enterprise Edition eCommerce Platform, please go to:

* Forrester Consulting – The Total Economic Impact Of The Magento Enterprise eCommerce Platform – p. 2.


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