phpMyAdmin updates close critical security holes

Versions and of phpMyAdmin close a total of four security holes in the open source database administration tool. According to the phpMyAdmin developers, the security releases address two “critical” vulnerabilities that could lead to possible session manipulation in swekey authentication or remote code execution. A “serious” bug that could allow an attacker to […]

phpMyAdmin updates patch critical holes

The phpMyAdmin developers have released versions and of their database administration tool; these are security updates that fix a total of four security holes. Rated as “highly critical” by Secunia, the vulnerabilities include a session manipulation bug in Swekey authentication that could be exploited to overwrite session variables, a possible code injection hole […]

phpMyAdmin 3.4.0 is a “huge step”

The phpMyAdmin development team has announced the arrival of version 3.4.0 of phpMyAdmin, a major update to its database administration tool. In a post on his blog, phpMyAdmin developer and project maintainer Michal Čihař says that the latest release is a “huge step”, noting that it introduces a lot of new features. Version 3.4.0 features […]

phpMyAdmin updates close vulnerabilities

The phpMyAdmin developers have announced the release of version and of their database administration tool, security updates that fix one critical and several serious vulnerabilities. According to the developers, a critical vulnerability in the 2.11.x branch of phpMyAdmin could be used to trick the set-up script used to generate configurations by “using a […]