PrestaShop Is Now On GitHub

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we’d like to announce something special that you’re sure to love. PrestaShop is now on GitHub! GitHub provides a platform for our Community to review PrestaShop’s code, make improvements, and then submit those improvements for … Read more

PrestaShop and Jirafe Host an Amazing E-commerce Event in San Francisco

When it comes to e-commerce events, there’s one thing our experience has taught us… if we host it, they will come. Over the weekend, PrestaShop teamed up with our friends from Jirafe in order to deliver an incredible e-commerce event … Read more

PrestaShop is Headed to Brazil for Two Amazing E-Commerce Events

Did you know that Brazil is home to more than 60,000 e-commerce stores? This means the largest country in Latin America is also the biggest e-commerce market in the region.  PrestaShop recognizes this growth, and we want to help Brazilian … Read more

PrestaShop v1.5.2 Houses Major Improvements

PrestaShop v1.5 changed the open source e-commerce game by delivering to the world a fast, easy and modern e-commerce solution. And over the past few weeks, PrestaShop’s developers have been working tirelessly to improve v1.5 so our Community can continue … Read more

PrestaShop Reaches Two Million Downloads

A little more than five years ago, PrestaShop was created. Since then, our company has grown to become the world’s most popular Open-source e-commerce solution by powering 125,000+ active online stores in more than 150 countries. PrestaShop’s success is due, … Read more

Get Your Online Store Ready for the Holidays With PrestaShop

  The holiday season is almost upon us.  Are you and your online store ready? PrestaShop’s Team knows just how important the holidays are for online retailers. We want you to be successful. We want your online store to thrive, … Read more

PrestaShop’s Employees Help Redesign U.S. Office into Workplace Mecca

A little more than a year ago, PrestaShop crossed the Atlantic and opened its office doors in beautiful Miami, Florida.  Since that time, our revolutionary software has become a household name in the American e-commerce market. PrestaShop’s U.S. team has … Read more

PrestaShop Uncovers the Future of Mobile Commerce

If you were to take all the smartphones purchased in 2011 and place them together end to end, they would circle the earth more than eight times. That’s nearly 462 million smartphones! The world of online sales is booming. But … Read more

PrestaShop Puts the Power of E-Commerce in your Customers’ Hands

PrestaShop is proud to announce the release of our new Mobile Application, which gives all PrestaShop merchants the ability to create a uniquely successful mobile extension of their e-commerce website. For just $69 a month — or $690 a year … Read more

Upgrade Your Store to PrestaShop v1.5.1

A few weeks back, PrestaShop v1.5 changed the open-source e-commerce game by delivering a complete, modern and user friendly online shopping platform. Today, PrestaShop is announcing the release v1.5.1, which means the amazing e-commerce solution you’ve grown to love just … Read more

Six Key Factors to Creating a Successful Online Store (Infographic)

A few months ago, members of the PrestaShop team created a survey in an effort to uncover the six keys to e-commerce success. The results of that survey are in, and you can check them out below. Functionality When it … Read more

PrestaShop v1.5 is Now Available For Download

1.) Introducing PrestaShop v1.5 When PrestaShop opened its doors in 2007, we employed five people and powered approximately 200 active online stores. Nearly one year later, PrestaShop released v1.0, a revolutionary open-source e-commerce solution specifically designed to make the world … Read more

PrestaShop is Living the Social Life

In the latest infrographic from PrestaShop, you will see a colorful representation of our Facebook life over the past 30 days.

PrestaShop’s E-store of the week : Anima Athletica

Anima Athletica represents a new concept in retailing for women’s sports clothing and accessoires. The Anima Athletica website offers a selection of premium brands and products, all combining high-tech performance with undeniable style. With a brick-and-mortar store already in place, … Read more

The New School Year Means Increased Consumer Spending

Did you know the average American family spends anywhere from $300 to $1000 per child on school supplies at the beginning of each new year. Crazy, we know, but as parents prepare themselves to shell out the dough, online merchants … Read more

Another French Fashion Mogul Chooses PrestaShop

Bouton de Manchette Paris is a boutique that specializes in selling designer cufflinks. This traditional men’s accessory is becoming increasingly difficult to find in stores all over the world, and this fact spawned the idea for Bouton de Manchette. Charles Belannée … Read more

PrestaShop v.1.4 Release Candidate is available!

Yesterday, our team published a new version of PrestaShop 1.4, now in Release Candidate! Among the optimizations included in PrestaShop v.1.4 RC1, you can find: – Amélioration du Guest Checkout et du One Page Checkout – Specific prices rules improvement – Taxes system optimization – OsCommerce Import module improvement – Products packs performances enhancement The […]