PrestaShop World Tour: Meet Sweet Isabelle, a Canadian Online Store Turned Bakery

Canada is a fascinating and complex country for ecommerce. With two official languages (English and French), e-merchants have to work harder just to accommodate customers in their country. This however, is also a huge opportunity for merchants to quickly expand … Read more

PrestaShop World Tour: Ecommerce Trends with CEO of growing NYC web agency

Our next stop in the “Big Apple” takes us to Outside the Pixel, a growing NYC web agency, to meet with their CEO, Aurélien. They shared new and upcoming ecommerce trends we think all online merchant should know. A recent … Read more

PrestaShop World Tour: Let’s meet a brick and mortar turned online shop in NYC!

The growing US ecommerce market, valued at $289 billion, is one of the largest in the world. With endless technological innovations, it’s easy to see why this market grows at 13%. We’ve stopped in New York City to learn more … Read more

PrestaShop World Tour: We’re hanging out in Peru with Wataweb!

Ecommerce in Peru is unlike anything we’ve seen so far. This ecommerce market is not only in its early stages of development but is also fighting to change consumer behavior. We’ve met with Wataweb, a local web agency that builds … Read more

PrestaShop World Tour: What’s going on in Brazil!?

Here we are, in the most dynamic ecommerce market in South America: BRAZIL! Brazil is truly a country of entrepreneurs. They embrace the culture of building your own business and the popularity of online commerce makes it even easier for … Read more

PrestaShop World Tour: In Auckland with Linden Leaves!

Now a days, every brick and mortar store is joining the world of e-commerce and PrestaShop has helped many merchants do so. In fact, no matter what you go in New Zealand, you’ll hear all about local mom and pop … Read more

PrestaShop World Tour: New Zealand Flower Shop Auckland

Here we are in New Zealand, a completely different e-commerce experience from the other cities we have visited so far. New Zealand has a great sense of pride for local businesses and there is nothing more important than going out … Read more

PrestaShop World Tour: Pat Chun Sells Traditional Chinese Food Around the World

China is a rapidly growing e-commerce market. Actually, China is the fastest growing e-commerce market with an annual growth of 70%. Every online merchant has a story and Pat Chun’s story began 80 years ago in Hong Kong. With a … Read more

PrestaShop World Tour: Stepworks Shares Hong Kong Ecommerce Trends

Our journey continues in Asia and we decided to make a stop in Hong Kong to meet our Community and understand how the Chinese e-commerce market works. We had the pleasure of meeting Shadow and Chien Account Directors from Stepworks, … Read more

PrestaShop World Tour: Introducing Japanese Jewelry Store Atelier Shinji

Our stay in Japan has been amazing so far and we’ve been learning so much. This time we got to meet with an online merchant based in Japan: Atelier Shinji. We had the pleasure of joining them in their workshop … Read more

PrestaShop World Tour: Discover Japanese E-commerce Culture from a Web Agency Perspective

Here we are in Tokyo, our first stop in the PrestaShop World Tour! It’s a super modern and dynamic city, there’s retail and trade going on all over the streets – even in gardens, small alleys… The Japanese shop a … Read more

Introducing The PrestaShop Ecommerce World Tour

Each day PrestaShop is a bit more international: a new translation, a new payment solution, a new online store, a new member of the Community…We take merchants beyond boundaries and across borders with 60 languages to translate their online shop … Read more