Cinnamon 1.8 Gets Its Own Control Center And Screensaver, Easier Spices Installation

Cinnamon, the desktop environment used by default in Linux Mint, has reached version 1.8, getting its own Control Center, screensaver and more.Cinnamon is a GNOME Shell fork which tries to offer the layout and customizability of GNOME 2: by default there’s a panel at the bottom (but optionally, you can also get one on top […]

Work Started On Cinnamon Screensaver (Forked From GNOME Screensaver 3.4)

Like we were telling you a while back, Linux Mint 15 will get a new screensaver, among other cool new features and changes.The work on the new Cinnamon screensaver has started and the code is available on GitHub:Cinnamon Screensaver / lock screen (work in progress!)Cinnamon Screensaver is a fork of GNOME Screensaver 3.4 and is […]