Solomon’s Store – October’s Update | Crystal Peacock Weapons | October Free Item

Let’s preview October’s daily deals and how to use a game card to get an awesome weapon set.

Solomon’s General Store – July’s Updates

Head to Solomon’s General Store to make the most of July’s weekly deals and complimentaryitem for members.

Solomon’s Store – Familiar Overrides and Legendary Pet Sale

Pick up half-price legendary pets and override your familiars!

Solomon’s General Store – Boss Outfits

Dress to impress with two new boss outfits available now in Solomon’s Store!

Permanently Unlock Your Improved Wealth Evaluator

Permanently unlock the improved Wealth Evaluator, or choose from a range of expanded rental options – straight from the in-game interface!

Solomon’s General Store – More Resting Animations

Kick back and relax with three more resting animations – now available in Solomon’s General Store.

Solomon’s General Store – Elven Riches

Now you can honour Seren with three different elven outfits and more on offer in Solomon’s Store

Solomon’s General Store – Bank Boosters

Increase your bank capacity with up to 250 extra spaces thanks to bank boosters, available in Solomon’s Store now!

Solomon’s General Store – Barbarian Assault Pets

Your favourite Barbarian Assault creepy creatures have come to life as companion pets!

Solomon’s General Store – Wings III

A major update to your Cape Slot, awesome new wings, shiny new tails, PLUS a sale! What more could you ask for?

Solomon’s General Store – Player-Designed Pet

Your entries came in droves and we’ve finally picked a winner! Read on to discover the winner of our Player-Designed Pet Competition and the introduction of our

Earn RuneCoins through SuperSonicAds – Keys Coming Soon!

Now you can earn RuneScape rewards without spending a penny – just click ‘Earn Runecoins’ in Solomon’s General Store to get started!

Solomon’s General Store – Divination Skill Animations

Visit Solomon’s General Store and pick up the Powerful Divination and Agile Divination skill animation sets to make your skilling stand out from the crowd!

Solomon’s General Store – Wealth Evaluator

Take a trip to Solomon’s General Store today and pick up the wealth evaluator, a brand new tool that shows you how much your total assets are worth!

Solomon’s General Store – Drakefire Warship

Step inside Solomon’s General Store today and get your own Drakefire Warship, a brilliant blimp and the first non-living companion pet!

Solomon’s General Store – Wings II

Visit Solomon’s General Store now and you’ll find four brand new sets of wings, including the half-angelic, half-demonic paradox wings and more!

Solomon’s General Store – Wicked Pouch

Conveniently cast spells and switch spell books and prayers with the wicked pouch – available for Loyalty Points or RuneCoins at Solomon’s General Store!

Solomon’s General Store – Circus Teleports

Three circus-themed teleports available now!

Solomon’s General Store – Sale of Order and Disorder

50% off a range of god-themed items!

Solomon’s General Store – Retro Armour 2

Three armour sets and a shield, faithfully restored!