Servers downtime

Many of our servers are currently unreachable. The reason is still unknown, but we expect that the problem will be fixed tomorrow, when someone is available at the data-center.
Update: servers are back online.

It’s not just Friday..

Today is a day to send thanks to those who toil away in the background. They’re overworked and under appreciated. Often never thought of until something goes wrong but always there, protecting, providing and helping us do what we do … Continue reading

They Make Mageia – the Sysadmin team : Installation and configuration of software on Mageia servers

In the Mageia project the sysadmin team is responsible for the setup and maintenance of all the Mageia infrastructure, for users and contributors alike. To help people understand what this team does, and to share some ideas with other sysadmins, … Continue reading

Planned maintenance on Mageia servers this weekend

An important set of Mageia servers will be taken offline this weekend for maintenance., a French network provider, has been sponsoring the Mageia project by providing hosting for our servers since the beginning of the project. The room in … Continue reading

Mailing-lists migration in progress

When the Mageia project was started, it didn’t have any server. Fortunatly people from proposed to host the basic project infrastructure (mainly the website, wiki and mailing lists) until the project can have its own servers. Mageia.Org now has … Continue reading