Bring Linux Into Your Small Business

Since the release of Windows 8, many businesses and independent contractors are learning that there’s a whole new world outside of Microsoft and Apple that they never considered. Many of these businesses are making the switch over to Linux-based OS. Not just because it’s a more secure system, or because it’s easy to customize, but […]

Intermatrix U7: The First Ubuntu Touch Tablet Available For Pre-Order, To Ship In October 2013 [Updated]

It looks like the first Ubuntu Touch tablet will ship in October 2013 (estimated). The news doesn’t come from Canonical so I’m not sure how legit this is, but from a website that advertises “Intermatrix U7 and U10 Ubuntu Tablets” as the world’s first Ubuntu tablets.Enthusiasts can already pre-oder the Intermatrix U7 (with U10 probably […]

Canonical Unveils New Ubuntu Tablet Interface

Canonical has unveiled a new Ubuntu tablet interface today, which shares some of the Ubuntu Phone OS elements, but it also comes with new features such as a “Side Stage” which lets you use phone and tablet apps in the same time.Side Stage – use phone and tablet apps in the same timeSide Stage is […]