Treasure Hunter – Smouldering Lamps

Things are heating up on Treasure Hunter with Bonus XP-burning lamps!

Treasure Hunter – Crafting Catalysts

Grab a brand new crafting catalyst to speed up your crafting and enhance your summoning training!

Treasure Hunter – Meteor Storm

Crush your skill weak spots with extra Bonus XP this weekend!

Treasure Hunter – Skill Stations Return

Skill stations are easier to win on Treasure Hunter in time for your Double XP weekend!

Treasure Hunter: Halloween – From This Weekend

Get ghostweave fabric on Treasure Hunter and make six ghostly outfits. Then, go trick or treating for some sweet in-game rewards!

Treasure Hunter – Rune Ethereals

Become a runecrafting expert, thanks to rune ethereal outfits in Treasure Hunter.

Treasure Hunter – Protean Traps

Win Protean Traps in Treasure Hunter to become the ultimate hunter with traps that catch a range of beasts, last longer, and give extra XP!

Treasure Hunter – Skill Outfit Head Add-Ons

Buff up your favourite skilling outfit headgear with wicked hood-style benefits, this weekend on Treasure Hunter!

Treasure Hunter – Talk like a Pirate Day!

Win gold doubloons to exchange for pirate booty by opening Treasure Chests and celebrate Talk like a Pirate day with us!

Treasure Hunter – Rival Challenges

Captain Haskell is back to prove who the real challenge master is! Complete his rival challenges for XP rewards.

Treasure Hunter – Ace of Trades

Open Treasure Hunter chests over the next 12 days to win skilling cards to complete for big XP rewards!

Treasure Hunter – Genie’s Blessing

Unlock Treasure Hunter Chests this weekend for your chance to be blessed by a Genie and receive gold or bonus XP rewards!

Treasure Hunter – Elite Training Dummies

Test your combat skills this week, open Treasure Hunter chests to win crates filled with Elite Training Dummies!

Treasure Hunter – Divine Recall

Get up to 50% additional Divination XP when you open Treasure Hunter chests this weekend.

Treasure Hunter – Lucky Clover Necklaces

Are you feeling lucky? Grab your lucky clover necklace, only in Treasure Hunter, for your chance to win big prizes, including some rares!

Treasure Hunter: Large Gnomeball & Recolourable Kit

Show off your footwork with your Gielinor friends, in your team colours, with the large gnomeball – available this weekend on Treasure Hunter!

Treasure Hunter – Slayer Masks 3

Play Treasure Hunter this weekend for your chance to win six new Slayer masks, a double chance of winning the previous ten, and a new Slayer mask related item!

Treasure Hunter – Silverhawk Boots

This weekend on Treasure Hunter, collect and assemble the components of the silverhawk boots to gain Agility XP in new and wonderful ways!

Treasure Hunter – Prismania

Unlock a chest on Treasure Hunter from Friday to Monday (GMT) and all lamps and fallen stars won are prismatic – and they grant 50% extra XP!

Treasure Hunter – Blast from the Past

From Thursday to Monday (GMT), win rare and retired items on Treasure Hunter, including the shark fists, swagger stick, flying goblin hat and more!