How to create and manage LXC containers on Ubuntu

While the concept of containers was introduced more than a decade ago to manage shared hosting environments securely (e.g., FreeBSD jails), Linux containers such as LXC or Docker have gone mainstream only recently with the rising need to deploy applications for the cloud. While Docker is getting all the media spotlight these days with strong […]

Synaptic Vs. Update Manager in Linux Mint

Mint had already made upgrades a bit more difficult by making you choose all apps with a ctrl+A command and then right click to update all apps. But now, you can’t do even that. The Mark All Upgrades button is completely missing. It wasn’t stripped out; from my understanding, Synaptic had been replaced by Mint’s […]

Ubuntu’s Unity desktop may be more popular than most people think

In today’s open source roundup: A survey indicates that a strong majority of Ubuntu users use the Unity desktop. Plus: GOG to release classic LucasArts games, and has Microsoft finally fixed its mistakes with Windows 10? Read more ….

Kubuntu 14.10 (Plasma 5) Screenshot Tour

“Kubuntu 14.10 is available for upgrade or install. A tech preview of the next generation Plasma 5 is available for early adopters. Plasma 5, the next generation of KDE Software is still a work in progress. You can test it and install it from the Kubuntu Plasma 5 image but beware it will remove your […]

How to Install VMware Player 6.0.3 in Linux Mint 17

VMware Player 6.0.3 the latest version minor update of VMware 6.0, it brings many new changes including, a commercial or paid feature called VMware Player 6 Plus, support for unattended installation using enterprise configuration management tools, simplified UI and support for major linux distribution, Windows 8.1 and other newer operating systems. Read more ….

Lubuntu 14.10 Screenshot Tour

A new version of our operating system has been released. You won’t notice many cosmetic changes, as this version is considered as a bug-fix release, preparing the way to meet LXQt. Here are some changes: general bug-fix release as we prepare for LXQt; many LXDE components have been updated with bug-fix releases; an update of […]

Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) minimal server installation tutorial

Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) minimal server installation tutorialThis tutorial shows how to install an Ubuntu 14.10 minimal server. The purpose of the guide is to show a basic installation of Ubuntu 14.10 that can be used as basis for the other Ubuntu 14.10 tutorials here at howtoforge like the perfect server tutorials. Read more ….

“Ht5streamer” Project Renamed To “StreamStudio” And Redesigned, Available for Ubuntu/Linux Mint

StreamStudio is streaming application based on node-webkit and developed using web technologies like HTML5/JavaScipt/and CSS. It stream videos from YouTube, dailymotion and plugins for other services can be installed to stream. You can access most of the part of famous sites like YouTube and DailyMotion right from your desktop. It is cross-platform application available for […]

Ubuntu MATE 14.10 Screenshot Tour

The Ubuntu MATE 14.10 final release is now available for download. This release has fixed a few minor issues and tweaked a couple things. Full disk encryption, or rather entering your pass phrase into Plymouth, was properly fixed by the Ubuntu team; also, missing configuration options in the workspace switcher applet, live session not auto […]

LXer Weekly Roundup for 26-Oct-2014

[url=][img][/img][/url] [b]LXer Feature: 26-Oct-2014[/b]In the Roundup this week we have Linus confessing, Mozilla looking for a new logo, Ubuntu turns ten, Berlin is going back to Microsoft Office and should Debian be forked because of systemd? Enjoy! Read more ….

Debian/Ubuntu Cross-distro Gaming with Firejail

I have a dual-boot setup. On one partition I have Debian 7. I spend most of my time here, this is my main Linux desktop. On a different partition I have Ubuntu 14.04. I used to boot into Ubuntu occasionally for playing games or for testing my software on a newer compiler tool chain. Not […]

Install gpEasy CMS with NGINX and PHP5-FPM on an Ubuntu 14.04 VPS

In this article we will show you how to install gpEasy CMS on a Ubuntu 14.04 VPS using Nginx web-server and PHP5-FPM. gpEasy is a simple and powerful CMS. It was designed to be an easy to use, but lightweight and fully functional content management system (CMS). gpEasy CMS doesn’t require you to setup any […]

Ubuntu 14.10 released + 10 years anniversary!

This past tuesday has been released the latest Ubuntu release, Ubuntu 14.10 “Utopic Unicorn”!But that’s not all… This particular release signs the 10th year anniversary of my favourite OS of all time! Read more ….

Xubuntu 14.10 Screenshot Tour

The Xubuntu team is pleased to announce the immediate release of Xubuntu 14.10. To celebrate the 14.10 code name ‘Utopic Unicorn’ and to demonstrate the easy customisability of Xubuntu, highlight colors have been turned pink for this release. You can easily revert this change by using the theme configuration application under the Settings Manager; simply […]

Cool-Retro-Term Is A Great Mimic Of Old Terminals, Available for Ubuntu 14.10/14.04/Linux Mint 17

Cool-retro-term is a free terminal emulator developed by Filippo Scognamiglio, it mimics the look and feel of the old cathode tube screens. If you are tired of your current terminal than it comes in hand as eye-candy, it is customizable and reasonably lightweight terminal emulator. It uses the Konsole engine which is powerful and mature, […]

How to download an ISO image with BitTorrent fast and safely from the command line

If you are one of those guys who have urge to try out every new (or even beta) release of Linux distribution to satisfy your curiosity and stay up-to-date, you will need to deal with the hassle of downloading big ISO images every now and then. ISO providers typically put up .torrent file of their […]

Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 Screenshot Tour

The Ubuntu GNOME team is proud and happy to announce the release of Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn). Ubuntu GNOME is an official flavour of Ubuntu, featuring the GNOME desktop environment. Features: most of GNOME 3.12 is now included, the few missing bits of 3.12 are available in ppa; gnome-maps and gnome-weather are now installed […]

10+ Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn

A list of tweaks and nudges for the latest version of Ubuntu with default Unity. Read more ….

Ubuntu’s shiny 10th birthday Unicorn: An upgrade fantasy

Review For a celebratory 10th birthday release, Ubuntu 14.10 is a bit of a damp squib.… Read more ….

Kubuntu 14.10 Screenshot Tour

Kubuntu 14.10 is available for upgrade or install. It comes in two flavours, the stable Plasma 4 running the desktop we know from previous releases, and a tech preview of the next generation Plasma 5 for early adopters. Plasma 4 is our recommended stable offering and what you get from the default download, but is […]