Save Up To 80% On Steam Thanks To The Steam Autumn Sale

Quick update for Steam users: Valve has launched the “Steam Autumn Sale” and many games available for Linux (not only, obviously) can be purchased with discounts of up to 80% or maybe even more, depending on the upcoming daily deals and flash sales.As an example, here’s the discount available today for some of the most […]

Steam Machines: Valve Announces New Living-Room Hardware That Runs SteamOS

Valve has announced a new category of living-room hardware today, that will be running Steam OS and will be available in multiple configurations. Only 300 of these boxes will ship this year though, for testing purposes.While in testing, the new “Steam machines” will be free of charge for 300 lucky Steam users that are eligible […]

`Football Manager` Game Coming To Linux

Football Manager, a football management simulation game series developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega, will be available on Linux.Miles Jacobson, studio director of Sports Interactive, has recently posted a message on Facebook, saying that Football Manager 2014 will be available on Linux:So the promised snippet of #FM14 news. As well as being on […]

Steam March Survey Stats: Linux Usage Has Decreased

In February, the Valve Steam Hardware & Software Survey stats have revealed that 2.02% of Steam users run Linux, a huge increase from January (1.12%). Oddly, the survey stats for March have revealed a decrease and Linux users running Steam are now at ~1.70%.Steam survey: OS usage stats for March 2013 (the survey is optional)One […]

Dota 2 Game To Be Available Natively On Linux?

Dota 2 is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Valve. The game is currently available for early test access purchase and will be free-to-play when released.Matthew Bailey (@Cyborgmatt), who seems to be close to Valve and Dota 2, has recently posted the following tweet:Time to get my TF2 Linux Penguin! – […]

Steam For Linux Celebration Sale: Save 50%-80% On All Linux Games

Valve has launched `Steam for Linux Celebration Sale` and all the games available for Linux are now on sale. During this campaign, available only for Linux users, the discount ranges between -50% to -80%.This means that you can get Serious Sam 3 with a -80% discount (5,59 €), Counter Strike: Source with -75% (3,74 €), […]

Steam For Linux Beta Testing Starting In October

Valve has announced they will be testing internally their new Valve for Linux starting next week and a private external beta will be available sometime in October.The external beta will only be available for 1000 users who will be provided with a sign up page that will be announced in a future post:For existing Linux […]