Players’ Gallery 43: The World Wakes – Open for Entries

The world woke…and so did the artists, ready to retell the story in their own way.

Players’ Gallery 42: Edible Creations

This was definitely one of the sweetest Players’ Gallery competitions in the history. Check out all the delicious artwork we received from our players!

The Origins of Gielinor

Watch our amazing motion comic for all the backstory you’ll need for The World Wakes.

Old Schools Servers Q&A live, and preview of Old School RuneScape

Thank you for showing support for Old School RuneScape by registering your votes. Here we answer your questions.

Old Schools Servers Coming Friday! Check Out the Q&A

Thank you for showing support for Old School RuneScape by registering your votes. Here we answer your questions.

Thread for Old School Servers Live Q&A Now Open

We’re taking questions for the Old School Servers Live Q&A, which is going ahead at 8pm GMT on Wednesday the 20th of February.

Try the RuneScape Bestiary

Try out the beta version of the RuneScape Bestiary for a glimpse at the HTML5-powered future!

Congratulations! Old School Servers will be back ASAP!

Players smashed through the minimum viable threshold of 50,000 votes in just a matter of hours.

Old School RuneScape Servers: Poll Now Live

The poll for RuneScape 2007 servers is now live. RuneScape members: head on over and show your support!

Join the Premier Club – Available until January 31st

Don’t miss out on any of 2013’s updates. Join the Premier Club and get a whole host of benefits and bonuses!

Players’ Gallery 41: God Statues

Do you consider yourself to be a faithful follower of Saradomin or you feel that ‘power through chaos!’ expresses your views better? Whichever RuneScape god you favour in-game, now is your chance to design a statue for them. Join our Players’ Gallery competition this month!

Players’ Gallery 40: Winter Season

The winter holiday season has inspired talented artists across the RS community, bringing smiles to our faces – not to mention certain NPCs! You know it’s the season of goodwill when you see TzHaar, the baby troll and Meg gathered around Christmas trees! Check out our Players’ Gallery for this, and many other festive masterpieces.

RuneScape Quizmas Survey Results

Take a look at the results of the survey we ran just before Christmas!

RuneScape’s Castle Wars Comes to Ace of Spades!

Ace of Spades players can now do battle across a faithful (and, of course, fully destructible) recreation of the RuneScape Castle Wars map!

Merry Christmas from Everyone at Jagex!

A very merry Christmas to our amazing RuneScape Community, from Mod MMG and everyone here at Jagex! Also, take a look at the awesome Community Christmas Video by Will Miss It.

Worth Comes in Battle – Christmas Lore Story

Pour yourself a cup of mulled cocoa and sit by the fire with a Christmas lore story, set in Varrock and featuring the Raptor.

Christmas Live Stream: RuneScape Quizmas Presents

Our Christmas Live Stream is on tomorrow at 8pm GMT. ‘RuneScape Quizmas Presents’ is set to be our most hectic stream yet. Yule be a Christmas donkey to miss it!

The Christmas Live Stream Quiz is Coming Next Friday!

The Christmas Live Stream Quiz is coming next Friday!

Reminder: Loyalty Shop Sale – 25% off all auras!

Don’t forget – there’s 25% of all auras and 50% off everything else at Xuan’s Loyalty Shop until 4th December!

Lores & Histories: The Burning Tower

In the lead-up to the upcoming Ariane quests, take a look at our latest Lores & Histories story to find out about Ariane’s troubled time at the Wizards’ Tower.