NXT Beta Weekend | More Players Invited!

We’ve expanded the list of eligible players for next weekend’s NXT Beta. Check to see if you’re in!

Beta Update | New Beta Polls

Try the latest Death Rework and combat changes | Vote on Legacy healing, PvP eating & PvP stuns

Legacy Mode Beta – Coming 16th June

Legacy Mode will be yours to test on our beta servers from Monday 16th June. Try out traditional RuneScape combat, special attacks and more.

Elf City – Design Document 5

Today, we release the final document in our five part series. Inside you’ll find the juicy details on the Hefin and Meilyr clans.

Elf City – Design Document 2

Download the second of five design documents for Prifddinas – the elf city – and have your say as we build this monumental update!

Poll – New Website Feature

Today’s Dragonstone poll asks which community-focused website feature you’d like us to work on next.

Quick Poll – Design an Emote

Choose a player-performed emote for Solomon’s Store out of the top five entries from our Design an Emote competition!

Poll – Combat Level Calculation

200 or 138 combat? You choose.

Combat Beta – Revolution and Ability Polls

Our first combat beta polls are here!

Dev Blog – Data to the Players

Mod Porky talks data and Power to the Players polls!

More on Legacy Mode and Combat Improvements

See Mod Pips’s forum thread for more combat info.

Legacy Mode and Combat Improvements – More Info

See Mod Pips’s forum thread for more combat info.

Poll – Legacy Combat

Vote on our solution for pre-EoC combat.

Combat Improvements Beta

Beta test our latest EoC improvements today!

RuneScape 2014 – Power to the Players

RuneScape’s in good hands.