Cinnamon 2.4.7 Arrives with Numerous Fixes, Should Be in Repos Soon

Cinnamon is a desktop environment built by the Linux Mint team and it’s implemented by default in the Mint OSes. The current update, 2.4.7 is just a maintenance one, but it’s pretty extensive and it comes with a ton of changes.

Numerous updates have been released in the 2.4.x branch of Cinnamon, and it looks like the developers are not done with it, not by a long shot. They have already detailed 2.6.x, but it looks like that version is still pretty far away. In the meantime… (read more)

Clonezilla Live 2.4.0-7 Released to Fix a Btrfs Issue, Based on Debian Sid

Steven Shiau has released a new development version of his Clonezilla Live operating system aimed at system administrators who want an easy-to-use, portable, and straightforward solution for cloning disk drives.

According to the changelog, Clonezilla Live 2.4.0-7 is now based on the latest upstream Debian Sid software repositories as of… (read more)

Debian Won’t Replace Ubuntu as the Base for Linux Mint, Says Project Leader

Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, but its makers are also working on a Debian-based one. The leader of the project has confirmed that they have no intention to replace one with the other unless the Debian edition becomes immensely popular.

When the Linux Mint team decided to make a separate operating system based on Debian, many users thought that they are planning to replace the Ubuntu base that’s been in use for years. The Debian edition has been in the works for quite some … (read more)

CrossOver for Linux Available with a 40% Discount for Less than a Day

CrossOver Linux is an application based on Wine that permits users to install and run software that was designed for Windows operating systems. It’s more than just front-end for Wine, and it comes with some interesting features, so the fact that you can buy it at a big discount should catch your eye.

The company that build CrossOver also sponsors the work on Wine, which means that CrossOver taps right into the source. CrossOver is not the only application based on Wine, but… (read more)

Ubuntu Touch to Receive New OTA Update with Battery Improvements

A new update for the RTM branch of Ubuntu Touch is in the works, and the developers are making the final adjustments. Users should see improvements in battery life, among other changes.

Canonical has several different Ubuntu Touch branches that it maintained and developed. With the release of the Bq phone, a new branch was created specifically for that phone, but it doesn’t mean the previous RTM branch is no longer maintained by its makers. After all, Nexus 4 is still the p… (read more)

Geary 0.10.0 Email Client Arrives with Support for Multiple Email Addresses per Account

The modern Geary email client that is currently used in several well-known distributions, has been updated on March 30 to version 0.10.0, a quite small release, but an important milestone in the development cycle towards the final 1.0.0 release of the software.

According to the release notes, undo support for trashed, moved, or archived email me… (read more)

Manjaro Linux Unity 0.8.12 Is Now Available for Download – Screenshot Tour

We’re happy to inform you that the Manjaro Linux Unity 0.8.12 operating system has been released today, March 31, bringing you the latest technologies from the stable Manjaro Linux 0.8.12 distribution, which is based on Arch Linux.

This is a community edition of Manjaro Linux, built around the Unity for Arch project, which has been created from the ground up to allow the use of Ubuntu’s controversial Unity user interface under Arch Linux and Arch Linux-based operating syst… (read more)

gThumb 3.3.4 Image Viewer Has Been Updated for GNOME 3.16

Paolo Bacchilega has announced earlier today, March 30, that the gThumb 3.3 image viewer application has been updated for the newly released GNOME 3.16 desktop environment and GTK+ 3.16 toolkit. This is the fourth maintenance version of gThumb 3.3 and introduces a number of improvements, bugfixes, and updated translations over the previous stable rel… (read more)

Mozilla Firefox 37.0 Is Now Available for Download

We’re happy to announced that the final builds of the popular Mozilla Firefox 37.0 web browser were published on Mozilla’s download servers for all supported computer operating systems, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

While the official announcement will come later today, March 31, users can download the Firefox 37.0 web browser right now (see download links at the end of the article) from the official Mozilla FTP servers.

Prominent features of Moz… (read more)

Linux-Based Firewall and Router Smoothwall Express 3.1 Service Pack 1 Released

The first Service Pack (SP) release of Smoothwall Express 3.1, an open source best-of-breed Internet firewall and router operating system designed to run on commodity hardware, has been released today with a great number of improvements over the previous stable version.

The Smoothwall Express 3.1 SP1 comes as new, installable ISO images supporting both 64 and 32-bit CPU architectures. The Service Pack 1 has been released in order to fix the importing of Smoothwall Express … (read more)

Development Release: SME Server 9.1 Beta 1

Terry Fage has announced the availability of the first beta build of the upcoming SME Server 9.1, a CentOS-based specialist distribution for servers: “The Koozali SME Server (SME Server) development team is pleased to announce the release of SME Server 9.1 beta 1 which is based on CentOS….

Fedora 22 Alpha Now Available For AArch64 & PowerPC64

The alpha release of Fedora 22 was released a few weeks ago for the primary CPU architectures while finally coming out today is the F22 Alpha for 64-bit ARM and PowerPC architectures…

Fedora 22 Alpha Is Now Available for the AARCH64 and POWER64 Architectures

Peter Robinson, on behalf of the Fedora Project, has announced today, March 30, that the recently announced Fedora 22 Alpha Linux kernel-based operating system is now available for the AARCH64 and POWER64 (PPC64/PPC64LE) architectures.

Of course, the announcement refers to the read more)

Sabayon 15.04 Linux Distro Brings Xfce 4.12, Native Nvidia and AMD Video Drivers Support

The Sabayon development team had the pleasure of informing its users about the immediate availability for download of the latest monthly release of their Sabayon Linux operating system derived from the well-known Gentoo distribution.

Powered by Linux kernel 3.19.0, the Sabayon 15.04 Live CD ISO images have been actually released on the project’s download servers a couple of days ago, when there was no official release announcement available on the official website of the d… (read more)

SME Server 9.1 Beta 1 Is Now Available for Download, Based on CentOS 6.6

The Koozali SME Server development team, through Terry Fage, was pleased to announce today, March 30, the immediate availability for download and testing of the SME Server 9.1 Beta 1 computer operating system, which is now based on the upstream CentOS distribution, which in turn is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

According to the release notes, SME Server 9.1 Beta 1 brings a great number of changes to various areas of the distribution, including System Backup, LDAP supp… (read more)

Systemd Developers Did NOT Fork The Linux Kernel

Various Phoronix readers have written in this weekend and commented in the forums and elsewhere that systemd developers forked the Linux kernel. This is not the case…

GNOME Foundation: ANNOUNCE: Call for Presentations for GUADEC 2015 in Gothenburg,Sweden – August 5-9

For immediate release.

GUADEC is the annual conference of the GNOME community, held in Europe
since 2000. GNOME is a free software project which drives user
interfaces of many GNU/Linux-powered devices, ranging from smartphones
to laptops and personal media centers. GUADEC is the world's largest
gathering of users and developers who are involved with the free
desktop and mobile user interfaces. GUADEC is expected to draw
hundreds of attendees who will discuss and direct the future of the
GNOME project. Developers, artists, translators, users, and
representatives from government, education, and businesses, and anyone
else who shares an interest are welcome.

GUADEC 2015 will be held for the first time in Gothenburg, Sweden. The
conference will be held August 7th to August 9th, with extra days
afterwards available after the core conference days for hackfests and

The schedule of the conference mirrors the ongoing development of the
GNOME project:

  * Design of the core user experience (core applications, shell, toolkit)
  * Design of the developer experience (tools, documentation, services)
  * Integration and extension of the operating system plumbings into the core UX
  * Application development and deployment
  * Integration of web technologies into the GNOME user experience
  * Improving the user experience on different form factors
  * Outreach to new contributors
  * Organization and governance of the project

Submissions that do not fit into these categories are also welcome,
provided that they are relevant or inspirational to the GNOME

The Call for Participation for GUADEC 2015 has the following timeline:

  1. Sunday, May 3rd: Deadline for submission of abstracts
  2. Sunday, May 17th: Notification of speakers
  3. August 7th to 9th: The conference takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden

Please submit your proposals before May 3rd through the online
submission system available on the GUADEC website, available at:

Presentations will be reviewed by the program committee between May
4th and May 17th.

A separate call for lightning talks, workshops, and birds of a feather
sessions will be issued later in May. If you are interested in
organizing a workshop session, BoF or project room during the second
part of GUADEC, please wait until the relevant call for participation
is made.

The program committee is looking forward to your submissions to
participate in GUADEC 2015 and contributing to turn the event into a
large success. In case of questions regarding the Call for
Participation, please contact the program committee at
guadec-papers< at > For general questions regarding the
conference, please consult the GUADEC web site or contact the local
GUADEC organizing team.

On behalf of the papers committee,

Here’s How to Create the Perfect Ubuntu Origami Unicorn – Video

After announcing last week the Ubuntu Origami Unicorn contest, which can bring an awesome new BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition phone to a user that folds the best looking Unicorn, today Canonical decided that it’s fin… (read more)

Linux Mint Needs a Huge, Modern Overhaul, More Artists and Web Developers are Needed

We’ve announced earlier today, March 30, that the Linux Mint developers have released their monthly newsletter where they’ve reported the changes implemented in the upcoming releases of the LMDE 2 (Linux Mint Debian Edition), dubbed Betsy, as well as the Linux Mint 17.2 (Rebecca) operating systems.

They have… (read more)

Trying Out The Modern Linux Desktops With 4 Monitors + AMD/NVIDIA Graphics

As some recent non-performance testing of the AMD and NVIDIA graphics drivers on Linux, I checked in to see how well the various Linux desktop environments were working these days in multi-monitor setups. With the latest AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards and drivers, I tried out Unity, GNOME Shell, Xfce, and (attempted) KDE Plasma 5 on Ubuntu 15.04 to check out the latest experience.