Robolinux 7.7.1 LXDE Runs Windows App with Stealth VM

Robolinux 7.7.1, a fast and easy-to-use Linux distribution based on Debian has just received a new desktop environment, LXDE, making this the third second flavor of the distribution.

The other two flavors of the distro are GNOME and Xfce and now the developers have added LXDE. Normally, we would think at the Xfce edition as the lighter one, but now that LXDE has been implemented that role falls on the flavor. The new addition is not terribly different from the other ones and only features a o… (read more)

New 64-bit Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities Disclosed This Week

For those that didn’t hear the news yet, multiple Linux x86_64 vulnerabilities were made public this week…

Calculate Linux 14.12 Is Based on Gentoo and Has Numerous Flavors

Calculate Linux, an optimized distribution designed for rapid deployment in corporate environments that’s based on the Gentoo project and includes numerous pre-configured functions, has been upgraded to version 14.12 and is now available for download.

The Calculate Linux distribution is actually made up of quite a few different flavors which are aimed at different users, with very different hardware configurations.

It’s difficult to maintain a single quality edition of a Linux distro, so you… (read more)

digiKam 4.6 Released, Porting Still Ongoing To KF5/Qt5

In time to manage your digital camera photos this Christmas and New Year, digiKam 4.6.0 was officially released today…

PostgreSQL 9.4 Brings JSONB & Many Other New Features

PostgreSQL 9.4 is out in time for Christmas with numerous changes for users of this open-source database solution…

That Nasty Linux Kernel Lockup Bug Is Still Unresolved

Nearly one month ago back during the Linux 3.18 release candidates there was a worrisome regression uncovered by kernel developers, but now with the Linux 3.19 merge window nearly over, that issue still has yet to be firmly addressed…

GTK 3.14, Nautilus 3.14 Land In Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet [Quick Update]

Quick update for Ubuntu users planning to use Ubuntu 15.04: GTK 3.14 has landed in Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet. And of course, the default Ubuntu themes, Ambiance and Radiance, have been updated with GTK 3.14 support.Furthermore, Nautilus, an application that wasn’t updated in quite a while and was still at version 3.10, has been updated to version 3.14:However, Nautilus isn’t the only application that was updated to version 3.14 in Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet. A while back, GNOME Terminal (until this update, Ubuntu was using an ancient 3.6 version), GNOME Screenshot, GNOME Calculator and Evince were also updated to 3.14.As for Ubuntu GNOME, well, GNOME Shell, GNOME Control Center / Settings Daemon are still at version 3.12 (along with most of the GNOME apps like Weather, Clocks, Bijiben and so on), but these will probably be updated to 3.14 as well, considering that there’s still time, since Ubuntu / Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 is in alpha and it’s scheduled for release in April, 2015.GTK 3.14 and Nautilus 3.14 are currently available in the Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet proposed repository, but they should be promoted to release soon.
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Beautiful New “Paper” Theme Made for GNOME and GTK3

A new GTK+ theme called Paper is being designed right now and it looks like it’s already a winner, even if it hasn’t been finished.

There are hundreds of active themes right now for Linux systems, and to be fair, only a small number of them are actually good enough to be considered. Most of them are too tacky or they belong in an era when that sort of design was acceptable. We’re not including here the themes provided by default in famous operating systems like Linux Mint, Ubuntu, or Fedora.
… (read more)

Torchlight II Might Be Arriving Soon on Linux

Torchlight II is an action hack-and-slash title developed and published by Runic Games on Steam and it looks like it’s getting closer to a Linux release.

The game has been made available on Windows and Mac OS since 2012 and it looks like the Linux version of the game is finally getting some attention. The developers from Runic Games also ported their first Torchlight for the Linux users, although they had some small technical problems.

“Torchlight II takes you back into the quirky, fast-pace… (read more)

Selling digital products online, a Success Story

Selling digital products online, a Success

Dulzura de Papel is a PrestaShop store designed and developed by Jimena, a passionate graphic designer, photographer, and graphic studio owner from Buenos Aires. She found a niche market in selling customizable themed decorations for children parties such as birthdays, baby showers and baptisms.

Jimena’s dreams are big and she trusts PrestaShop to support her as she takes on new challenges like expanding her shop beyond Argentina’s boundaries through to the rest of the world. In this article, we share Jimena’s success story and her ecommerce advice for fellow merchants looking to sell downloadable products online.

An entrepreneurial mom

Through her daughter’s school, Jimena met fellow moms who inspired the idea behind Dulzura de Papel. “I wanted to create a beautiful, yet quick and easily customizable solution for moms who want a special party for their kids, but have no time to deal with decorations.” With Dulzura de Papel, customers can download customizable themed decorations for children parties.

“This is a slow change from my physical graphic studio to a web store that can run on its own”, shares Jimena, “and this migration will give me the flexibility to do what I love: spending time with my daughter.”

An Entrepreneurial Mom

The perfect software for her dream store

Finding the perfect software wasn’t easy. “I first tried to build the store in WordPress because I was familiar with it. I bought modules and tried to install them, but it was extremely difficult. Even the WordPress Phone Support in Argentina told me it would be hard to make it work the way I wanted.”

Determined, Jimena searched for another software with features that will allow her to run a digital online store. “PrestaShop had everything I was looking for and even more.” Jimena was impressed with native features that allow her to successfully sell her digital products. “The stock version already has very powerful functionalities, such as the IP Geo-localization and the multi-language option.”

The online marketing strategy

Having launched Dulzura de Papel, the next step was to drive traffic to her website using social media and other marketing strategies. Jimena advertises her brand and concept through her Facebook page (with over 26K fans) all at the low cost of zero. To drive traffic to the website, she shares links on social media that take customers to free products on her online store. She also promotes sales on major Argentinian shopping days including: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day and Teacher’s Day.

The Online Marketing Strategy

A simple buying process

Digital products require no inventory or shipping logistics, but it is essential to have a clear and simple buying process. The checkout process should also be easy because little information is needed. Jimena shortened her checkout process, with PrestaShop Addons’ One Page Checkout.

Through this simplified checkout process, Dulzura de Papel’s customers make their payments, receive a link via email, then download a Zip file with High Quality PDFs.

Because many of Dulzura de Papel’s customers are sometimes unfamiliar with downloadable products, Jimena uses various methods to guide them:

1. Information Pages and Demo Product: “How to buy” and “How it works” tabs in the main menu take you to static pages that clearly explain every step of the buying process. Customers also have access to a sample PDF that demonstrates how fast and easy it is to edit the text on the designs once they make a purchase.

2. Pop-Up: A pop-up message is generated after each purchase, to reassure and remind customers that an email has been sent with the link to download the product.

3. Guide: A tutorial is attached to the email with editing and printing instruction as well as other tips and ideas.

A Simple Buying Process

The protection of her digital product’s copyright

The same way Jimena explains the checkout process for her customers, she clarifies the terms of use. She highlights that sharing, selling or publishing any design is an infringement of Dulzura de Papel’s Copyright.

“PrestaShop’s software includes a digital product configuration that generates download links valid only for 30 days after the purchase, limited to up to 3 downloads. This is great because it limits the risk of diffusion.” Additionally, Jimena password protects the products in case a customer tries to open it on any design software to modify the illustrations. “Because all the products include a trademark that reads ‘’, I don’t want anyone to modify the design. Of course, you can’t control absolutely everything that customers do, but these are great ways of enforcing copyright rules.”

The protection of her digital product’s copyright

The future of Dulzura de Papel

“Most of my customers come from Argentina, Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries,” claims Jimena, “For now my store is only available in Spanish. My plan is to translate my website into different languages, starting with English and Portuguese, so that people from anywhere in the world will be able to buy and download my designs. PrestaShop allows me to do just that.”

“My advice to all the merchants starting out is to take the step. PrestaShop is a safe, versatile and dynamic software with many benefits and options that can make almost anything come true.” Jimena’s dedication led her to create a beautiful and successful online store with PrestaShop — turning her dream into a reality.

Inspired to make your dreams come true? Get started with PrestaShop’s free and open source ecommerce software. Not ready to start selling just yet? Read more PrestaShop Success Stories.

KDE’s Krita Loses Its Main Backer

Since 2007 there has been KO GmbH (formerly known as KOfficeSource) as a support and software service company built around KOffice/Calligra in their belief that the software was “getting ready for the big time”, but seven years later the situation is not so good and KO GmbH is no longer handling Krita…

Hearthlands City-Building Game for Linux Looks and Feels like Zeus or Pharaoh – Gallery

Hearthlands, a new city-building real-time strategy game developed and published by Sergio & Simon on Steam, has been released on the Windows and Linux platforms.

Linux gamers don’t have too many strategy games like Hearthlands, although there are a number of city-building titles. The Tropico franchise comes to mind, but this game looks and feels much more like the old Caesar, Pharaoh, and Zeus, although it incorporates many more features.

“You take a role of a king in a procedurally generat… (read more)

Inline Data Support Comes To CephFS With Linux 3.19

The Ceph file-system in Linux 3.19 will support inline data to offer performance improvements for some operations…

The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 4.3.5

Coverity Scan Project LibreOffice OverviewBerlin, December 18, 2014 – The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 4.3.5, the fifth minor release of LibreOffice 4.3 “fresh” family, which is a stable release of the more advanced version of the software, targeted to individual and enterprise users. LibreOffice 4.3.5 contains over 70 bug fixes.

The Document Foundation suggests to deploy LibreOffice 4.3.5 in enterprises and large organizations when backed by professional support by certified individuals (a list is available at capable of providing value added support.

People interested in technical details can find change logs for LibreOffice 4.3.5 here: (fixed in RC1) and (fixed in RC2).

The image on the left provides the updates figures about LibreOffice source code as provided by the Coverity Scan Service on December 14, 2014. To learn about LibreOffice and Coverity Scan, you can read this blog post.

Download LibreOffice

LibreOffice 4.3.5 “Fresh” and LibreOffice 4.2.8 “Still” are immediately available for download from the following link:

LibreOffice users, free software advocates and community members can support The Document Foundation with a donation at

VC4 Gallium3D Adds DMA-BUF Support, Yields Working DRI3

Beyond the VC4 Gallium3D work yesterday landing in Mesa that led to this Raspberry Pi graphics driver potentially running much faster, DMA-BUF support was also added…

GNOME: GNOME.Asia Join Kaiyuanshe – Open Source Alliance in China

We are thrilled to report that GNOME.Asia is a founding member of KAIYUANSHE(开源社) launched Oct 16, 2014. KAIYUANSHE roughly translated as “open source alliance,” is a group of enterprises, communities, and individuals in China supporting and promoting free and open source software (FOSS).

KAIYUANSHE will support the growing needs of China’s growing software industry by providing developers with the necessary education, tools and services to foster a healthy and robust free software ecosystem. Additionally providing education on FOSS standards, licensing and verification, development tools, FOSS project assessment and other necessary support and services to organizations, developers and academic institutions.

The GNOME community, represented by GNOME Asia Summit members will actively contribute in the early phases of KAIYUANSHE to many areas including documentation ,media and by participating in the KAIYUANSHE China Campus Tour.

“It’s fantastic that GNOME.Asia is joining KAIYUANSHE as a founding member”, said Karen Sandler, the Executive Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy and currently serving on the GNOME Foundation’s Board of Directors, “I have always been incredibly impressed by the GNOME.Asia team and the great work they have done in spreading free software in Asia. I’m not surprised that KAIYUANSHE is already successful, and I can’t wait to see more of what this initiative accomplishes.”

GNOME Builder Is Still Building Up To A New IDE For Developers

GNOME Builder is that interesting GNOME IDE project for developers…

SuperX 3.0 Beta Is Out and It’s a Surprising KDE Experience – Gallery

SuperX 3.0 Beta, an operating system that is highly modular, flexible, and that comes with a customized KDE desktop aimed at all user categories, is now available for download and testing.

Not too many people have heard about SuperX, but that is only because the developers don’t make releases often. In fact, the previous iteration of SuperX arrived all the way back in October 2013, so it’s been more than a year since then. From the looks of it, the makers of this distro used the time to make … (read more)

Reviewing 2014, Penguin Porn, and Dropping Distros

Today in Linux news are several reviews of the events of 2014. Elsewhere lost its hashtag to an adult entertainment awards and another Linux security flaw is making the news rounds. KDE 3-clone Trinity desktop saw a new release and Bruce Byfield asks why the number of Linux distributions are declining. The most interesting story today comes from Bruce Byfield saying, "The number of Linux distributions is declining. However, exactly why the decline is taking place and how much it matters remains unclear." He takes a stab at explaining it though beginning with the decline in Linux usage as a hobby. Less folks are downloading, installing, and hacking (probably lost to the smartphone craze). Most of those that do are aging and just don’t have the time to hack due to work and family. Byfield also thinks that because most distros are so similar to each other these days perhaps folks are sticking to the most popular and independents are losing heart. Byfield isn’t sure this trend is anything to worry about but suggests keeping an eye on it. More folks are looking back at the year that was beginning with’s top 10 Open Source projects. Docker tops

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Red Hot Red Hat, Mageia Gives Back, and Linux Awards

Today in Linux news, the Mint project announced the release candidate for 17.1 KDE. In other news the Mageia project donates 250€ to GCompris and TheStreet says Red Hat stock is poised to become "red hot" in 2015. announced their 2014 Members Choice Awards today and Bruce Byfield has some tips for KDE users. Clement Lefebvre today announced the release of Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” KDE RC. Mint 17.1 will feature KDE 4.14 and several component and system improvements. The team also released the RC for their Xfce version as well. No clues were given as to when the finals might be ready. The Mageia team today posted of their Christmas gift to GCompris of 250€. They said they’ve grown enough that they’re able to give back some. "GCompris is a software suite of educational activities for children from 2 to 10. Many children first see Linux through GCompris." Mageia is hoping to start a yearly tradition with this small step this holiday season. The guys chose GCompris themselves this year but next year will be asking users which projects they think are worthy. Every year holds their annual Members Choice Awards. Today Jeremy Garcia announced this year’s

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