The Khronos Group Filed A Trademark On “Vulkan” API

The Khronos Group filed a trademark request earlier this month with the USPTO over the name Vulkan as it pertains to drawing 2D/3D graphics… Vulkan might be the name of the next-generation OpenGL specification due to be announced next week…

Blizzard to Consider Crowdfunding for Linux Versions of Their Games – Rumor

Blizzard has been petitioned numerous times about making their games available for the Linux platform, but there wasn’t much interest or feedback from the company, and that included the publisher Activision. If the information in this latest petition is to be believed, this could change.

The Linux gaming ecosystem has changed tremendously in the last couple of years and a few of the major publishers and developers chose to release their games for this platform. There is no … (read more)

House of Cards Uses Old Ubuntu 8.04 Stack Trace Disguised as a Windows EXE

Earlier today we determined that the operating system used in one of the latest episodes from the House of Cards tv series was no in fact Ubuntu, although it was pretty similar. As it turns out, House of Cards does take a page out of the Ubuntu OS, literally we might add.

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GNOME Software 3.14.3 Fixes Several Issues with the Back Button

GNOME Software, the default graphical package manager of the  has just been updated to version 3.14.3 the other day, February 27, bringing a handful of fixes and numerous updated translations for the current stable release of the GNOME desktop environment.

Thanks to Rafal Luzynski and Kalev Lember, the GNOME Software application will no longer crash when the user clicks on the back button. In addition, the back button will no redirect users back to overview, also thanks to… (read more)

Mozilla Thunderbird Adoption Climbs, Thunderbird 38 In May

While Mozilla doesn’t devote nearly as many resources to their Thunderbird email client as they do to Firefox and there isn’t as many high-profile releases for this project in a while, Thunderbird adoption continues to climb…

Running Windows Games and Apps Made Easy with PlayOnLinux 4.2.6

PlayOnLinux, a software that uses Wine (Wine is not an emulator) and that allows Linux users to easily install Windows apps and games, has been updated to version 4.2.6 and is now available for download.

You might be tempted to say that Wine already does the same thing as PlayOnLinux, but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. PlayOnLinux is powered by Wine, but it allows Linux users greater control over the installation process with the help of the very useful interface. Also… (read more)

Manjaro Linux Xfce Prepares for Xfce 4.12 with the 0.9.0 Pre3 Release

The Manjaro development team is extremely active these days, as the final release of the highly anticipated Xfce 4.12 desktop environment is about to appear on the Internet this weekend, as we’ve reported in various articles, including in a blog post related to the new Xfce 4.12 wallpaper.

The Manjaro Linux Xfce 0.9.0 Pre3 distribution has been unv… (read more)

The Most Popular Linux Benchmark Results On

With having turned four years old a few days ago earlier this week I provided a look at the most popular/used benchmarks/tests on our open cloud service while in this article is a look at the most viewed test results…

Ubuntu Touch Is Being Ported for OnePlus One Phones

Canonical published its Ubuntu Porting Guide just a week ago and it will help developers bring the operating system to other devices than just Nexus 4 and BQ’s Aquaris, but it looks like an Ubuntu Touch for OnePlus One porting project was started well before that.

Not everyone might remember this, but there was a flurry of Ubuntu Touch ports more than a year ago, for various devices. They were mostly hosted on XDA, but none of the really come to fruition. The fact that the … (read more)

This Is the New Xfce 4.12 Wallpaper

Simon Steinbeiss, one of the developers from the Xfce desktop environment, has uploaded a few hours ago on Xfce’s Git repository what appears to be the new wallpaper of the forthcoming Xfce 4.12, due for release this weekend if everything goes according to the release plan.

The Xfce developers are hard at work these days, as they prepare to release the highly anticipated Xfce 4.12 desktop environment after a 2 year delay. This fact is also confirmed by the abundance of com… (read more)

Intel’s Graphics Driver For Linux 4.1 Will Have More XenGT vGPU Support

While the first release candidate of the Linux 4.0 kernel is barely one week old, Intel’s open-source graphics driver development team already has changes queued up for the next kernel cycle, Linux 4.1..

PlayOnLinux 4.2.6 Fixes A Number Of Issues

A new release of the PlayOnLinux graphical front-end to Wine is now available…

The New Wallpaper Of Xfce 4.12

The release of Xfce 4.12 is hopefully being realized this weekend. The release hasn’t taken place at the time of writing, but there’s been commits to update translations as well as to add the new wallpaper of Xfce 4.12…

IPFire Is a Modular Distro That Can Be a Firewall, a Proxy Server or a VPN Gateway

Michael Tremer announces that the IPFire 2.17 Core 87 Linux-based firewall distribution has been released and the developers have made a number of important changes and improvements.

The IPFire distribution has just registered a big version change in order to reflect all the major improvements that have been implemented, and it includes an important kernel upgrade that was long overdue. If you already have the system installed, you won’t have to do anything extra, just upgr… (read more)

Debian-Based Elive 5.2.8 Beta Released with a Faster, Smaller, and Optimized Linux Kernel

The Elive development team is hard at work releasing Beta versions for the next major version of their Elive distribution, a Debian-based computer operating system built around the awesome and modern Enlightenment desktop environment.

Elive 5.2.8 Beta is now available for download and testing via Softpedia, a versionthat includes a numb… (read more)

VLC 2.2 Officially Released, Lets Users Resume Movies from Where They Left Off

VideoLAN announced the general availability of the highly anticipated VLC Media Player 2.2.0 open-source and multi-platform video playback application a couple of hours after releasing the sixth maintenance release of the 2.1 branch, VLC 2.1.6, as reported by Softpedia yesterday, February 27.

We’ve also rep… (read more)

FBI Is Not Using Ubuntu in House of Cards

Spoiler alert! A leaked image appeared earlier on the web, a screenshot from Episode 3 of the third season of the acclaimed House of Cards TV show distributed by Netflix, showing actors playing as members of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) while using their computers where the operating system might look like the Ubuntu Linux distribution.

As a bunch of users on the Internet wer… (read more)

Mesa 10.5-RC3 Now Available To Test Improved GPU Drivers

Just a few days after Mesa 10.5 RC2 was released, the third release candidate to Mesa 10.5 is now available for testing…

Development Release: Elive 2.5.8 (Beta)

The seemingly endless development of Elive, a Debian-based distribution with a customised Enlightenment desktop, continues with yet another beta release, version 2.5.8: “The Elive team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.5.8
This new version includes: kernel – much improved optimizations to be smaller, faster,….

New Specifications On The Alleged Ubuntu Tablet

Back in December, Phoronix delivered the first article about An Ubuntu Tablet Inspired By The Ubuntu Edge Is Coming. From the company responsible for this tablet inspired by the failed Ubuntu Edge smartphone we have some new specifications of the tablet they plan to ship with Ubuntu…