Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 Boosts Network Performance and Linux Containers Support

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 is now the most advanced stable release of the GNU/Linux operating system, bringing substantial new features and functionality with a focus on security, system administration, and networking. Highlights include better support for Linux Containers, further backing the development and deployment of container-based applications, support for the new Red Hat Insights operational analytics service, as well as a significant boost in the network performance.

“With the launch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 in June 2014, Red Hat redefined the enterprise open source operating system. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 continues this effort, delivering new capabilities for containerized application deployments and significant networking enhancements while retaining our focus on delivering a stable, reliable and more secure platform for the most critical of business applications,” says Jim Totton, Vice President and General Manager, Platforms Business Unit, Red Hat.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht

Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 Receives New Unity 8, Next-Gen Bluetooth Support, More

By now all users of the Meizu MX4, BQ Aquaris E4.5, BQ Aquaris E5 HD, Nexus 4, and Nexus 7 devices should have received the new Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 software update, so the time has come for us to bring you up to speed with the latest developments.

Very early today, November 21, Canonical’s Łukasz Zemczak sent his daily report about the work done by the Ubuntu Touch developers in preparation for the upcoming OTA-9 software update for Ubuntu Phones, which will land sometime ne… (read more)

Behind the scenes at TDF: marketing intern

kmr2I am working as marketing intern since October, living and working out of Lillehammer, Norway. I have been working with open source software and projects since around the year 2000. Before that I was a development manager for ERP software for some years. I have also been heavily involved in using office suites as front ends to ERP and other systems both in private industry and the public sector.

Currently, I am working at the release planning of LibreOffice 5.1, with a focus on putting together the information for the product flyers – for both private users and enterprises – we will make available for the product launch. I have also been participating in a business exhibition in Stuttgart, and coordinating with native language groups via Sophie.

Based on previous experiences and impressions from the event, I have also written a market segmentation/positioning document, which will be broken down into prioritized actions and deliverables.

Hopefully, we will be able to streamline the upcoming major release announcements, based on the improved process we are using for LibreOffice 5.1.

Microsoft Doubles Down on Open Source

Microsoft this week announced at its Connect conference in New York City an expansion of its developer tools with a focus on Linux, Android and open source. The move is an effort to help close the gap between Microsoft’s developer platforms and the open source world. The programs involve free access for developers who are just getting started, a new subscription to Microsoft services, a marketplace for extensions, updates to .NET, and the renaming of Visual Studio Online.

Wine 1.8-rc1 Released

The Wine development release 1.8-rc1 is now available.

This is the first release candidate for the upcoming Wine 1.8. Please give this release a good testing to help us make 1.8 as good as possible.

What’s new in this release:

  • Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze.

The source is available now.
Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Development: GNOME 3.19.2 unstable tarballs due

Hello all,

Tarballs are due on 2015-11-23 before 23:59 UTC for the GNOME 3.19.2
unstable release, which will be delivered on Wednesday. Modules which
were proposed for inclusion should try to follow the unstable schedule
so everyone can test them.  Please make sure that your tarballs will
be uploaded before Monday 23:59 UTC: tarballs uploaded later than that
will probably be too late to get in 3.19.2. If you are not able to
make a tarball before this deadline or if you think you'll be late,
please send a mail to the release team and we'll find someone to roll
the tarball for you!

For more information about 3.19, the full schedule, the official
module lists and the proposed module lists, please see our colorful 3.19

For a quick overview of the GNOME schedule, please see:


BTS Video | Chronicle: RuneScape Legends

Behind the Scenes takes a look at our strategy card game and its upcoming closed beta.

Raptor’s Challenge | Acheron Mammoths

Battle Acheron mammoths to open Raptor’s chest and summon baby pack mammoths!

Docker, Yubico Team Up to Secure App Development

Docker this week announced new security enhancements at DockerCon EU in Barcelona, Spain, including hardware signing of container images — an industry first — through a partnership with Yubico. Docker Content Trust offers hardware signing through support for Yubico’s YubiKey. The YubiKey 4 lets Docker users digitally sign code during initial development and through subsequent updates, ensuring the integrity of Dockerized apps throughout the application pipeline, Yubico said.

KDE Plasma 5.5 Beta Has Too Many New Features to Count and Over 1000 Fixes

The KDE Community just announced the release of KDE Plasma 5.5 Beta, which brings a ton of new features and significant changes.

The KDE Plasma desktop has been going through a metamorphosis thins past year, and it looks like things are finally settling down. We’re passed the big design changes, and now developers are trying to improve and refine the experience.

Like many of the previous updates for Plasma, the 5.5 Beta release is a big one. It’s even difficult to point … (read more)

Wine 1.7.x Branch Closed, Wine 1.8 to Launch Soon

The Wine project is going through some important changes, and they were announced a while back. Following the release of the previous 1.7.55 version, the Wine project is now preparing for the launch of the 1.8 branch.

The Wine development cycle was changed a couple of months ago, and it was established that the current model was not worki… (read more)

Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 Update Officially Released

A new OTA update for Ubuntu Touch has been released, and users should start receiving it right about now.

OTA updates for Ubuntu Touch are released every six weeks or so, and the eighth one was delayed, but only for a day. It wasn’t a big problem, and the developers promised to have it fixed, which they already did.

We’ve… (read more)

Distribution Release: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2

Red Hat has announced the availability of a new upgrade to the company’s Enterprise Linux line of products. The new release, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2, is a relatively small update to the 7.x series and addresses known bugs and errata. “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 includes new….

Drupal 8.0.0 released

Today we released Drupal 8.0.0, the first fully supported release of Drupal 8! This is the biggest update ever to Drupal, our open source content management platform. Here are just a few of the hundreds of improvements in Drupal 8:

  • In-context, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editing and previews
  • Comprehensive content modeling out of the box with entities, fields, and views
  • Customization of content pages and even forms and administrative pages via the administrative interface
  • Full translatability and localization out of the box
  • Reliable configuration management for safe and straightforward deployment of changes between environments
  • Mobile-first, responsive, HTML5 output
  • REST-first native web services
  • Enhanced accessibility and WAI-ARIA compliance
  • Modern PHP standards and practices, with integration of popular libraries such as Composer, Symfony2, Guzzle, and Twig
  • Significantly improved front-end performance out of the box
  • Enhanced caching and best-of-class integration with CDNs and reverse proxies
  • Full compatibility with PHP7, and the PostgreSQL and SQLite databases
  • …And much more!

Screenshot of the Drupal 8 Quick Edit feature
Drupal 8 in action

With key modules like Views and Entity Reference fully included in Drupal 8 core, and many contributed projects already available for Drupal 8, you can start building new Drupal 8 sites right now, today. You can also use the crowd-sourced Drupal 8 Contrib Porting Tracker to get updates on the status of your favorite modules and themes, or read how you can help.

How do I upgrade my current site?

If you have a Drupal 6 or 7 site you want to upgrade, install or update the Upgrade Status module to get a customized, up-to-date report on the status of your modules and themes in Drupal 8. Once you are ready, Drupal 8 core also includes the Migrate module to update existing Drupal 7 and 6 sites to Drupal 8 directly. Migrate is marked “experimental” in Drupal 8.0.0, but will be fully supported in an upcoming release. Read more about how you can migrate from Drupal 6 or 7.

The DrupalCon Asia team cheering with Druplicon
Photo credit: pdjohnson

What about other versions of Drupal?

Drupal 8.0.0 marks several changes for Drupal releases. We will add new features to Drupal 8 every six months in minor releases, with bug fix and security release windows every month. The next bugfix release window is December 2, 2015, and next scheduled minor release (Drupal 8.1.0) is planned for mid-April 2016.

The release of Drupal 8 also means that it’s time to say a fond farewell to Drupal 6 after eight great years. Drupal 6 will reach its end-of-life (EOL) on February 24, 2016, meaning that it will no longer receive official community support and you should plan to update Drupal 6 sites soon. Refer to the Drupal 6 end-of-life announcement for more information.

Drupal 7 is still fully supported and will remain so for several more years. Read more about the Drupal core release cycle.

Found a bug?

With your help, we can find and fix bugs sooner rather than later. If you find a bug in Drupal 8, search for it in the Drupal 8 issue queue, and if you don’t find an existing bug report, file a new one.

Celebrating the release

Help share and celebrate this milestone for the Drupal community! The Drupal 8 media kit includes the official Drupal 8 press release which has already been translated into many languages. Share this press release with your community, or use the #Drupal8 hashtag to talk about Drupal 8 on social media. Then, join one of over 200 Drupal 8 release parties on six continents.

Map of Drupal 8 release parties around the world

Drupal 8 core is the work of more than 3300 contributors in over 16,000 Drupal core commits during nearly five years of development, and it is by far the best release of Drupal yet. There are already more than 50,000 Drupal 8 installations, so start yours today!

Build something amazing, for anyone.

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Nvidia Driver Now Supports Xorg 1.18, It’s Getting Difficult to Track Them All

Nvidia has published a new Linux driver that brings a few fixes and support for X.Org xserver ABI 20 (xorg-server 1.18). It’s not a major update, but it has been pushed already to a few repositories.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to track all the Nvidia drivers that are being released. We used to complain that Nvidia was not pushing enough updates for its drivers or that AMD didn’t publish proper changelogs. Well, AMD’s behavior hasn’t changed, but Nvidia is now relea… (read more)

Solus 1.0 Operating System to Launch Before Christmas

The Solus operating system is approaching a stable release once more, and it looks like we might be able to boot that elusive 1.0 version before Christmas.

Solus 1.0 was supposed to be released on October 1, but the development team face a number of problems that forced them to postpone the launch. Developers took the time to make numerous changes to the OS, upgraded some core components, and basically improve the entire stack of packages and applications.

This was done … (read more)

Opera 35 Dev Gets Lots of New Features and RPM Packages for Linux

The Opera web browser continues to move forward at an unrelenting pace, and its developers have just announced a number of features that will arrive with the 35.x branch. It’s going to be a great release and users can already download and test it.

The Opera developers have been really busy, and it looks like they are preparing a big update. The new version of the web browser will bring some small but very important features that actually look like they should have been here… (read more)

Ubuntu Desktop with Unity 8 to Handle Background Apps and File Access Differently

Ubuntu will soon work on phones and desktops, so people are asking whether the desktop will have the same restrictions. The answer is not as straightforward as you might think, and the Ubuntu developers are still analyzing how much access will be granted to users.

The community is focused on the Unity 8 adoption for the desktop, but there are some underlying problems that also need to be solved. For example, the file access on the Ubuntu phones is somewhat restricted, as it… (read more)

Canonical Patches Nvidia Graphics Drivers Vulnerability in All Supported Ubuntu OSes

In a new Ubuntu Security Notice (USN-2814-1), Canonical has announced that they have patched a security vulnerability in the Nvidia proprietary graphics drivers for all supported Ubuntu Linux operating systems.

According to Canonical, a local attacker could use the issue discovered in the Nvidia graphics drivers to run programs as root (system administrator). “It was discovered that the NVIDIA graphics driv… (read more)

Microsoft Open-Sources Visual Studio Code for GNU/Linux, OS X, and Windows

During the Connect(); 2015 developer event that took place on November 18, 2015, in New York City, USA, Microsoft had the great pleasure of announcing that its Visual Studio Code integrated development environment software is now open source.

Immediately after the huge announcement, Microsoft published the Visual Code Studio sources on the GitHub project hosting website, urging the c… (read more)