Steam Roguelike Sale Brings 40 Cheap Linux, Windows, and Mac Games

If you’re into roguelike video games and you’re one of those Linux geeks who loves playing great titles like Dungeons of Dredmor, Cargo Commander, Bionic Dues, or The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, you should know that there’s a game sale on Steam for Linux.

The Steam Roguelike Sale includes a total of 40 roguelike games or video games that include Rogue-like elements, but only 27 of them are available for Linux kernel-based operating systems and Steam for Linux.

Among thes… (read more)

European Union Should Finance Key Open Source Projects, Says “Mass Surveillance” Study

According to a new study that was discussed today, April 23, in a committee meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels, a group of IT security experts think that the European Union should finance key open source projects that strengthen privacy and security, and configure certification schemes for fundamental open source tools.

The study suggests that in addition to funding key open source projects, the European Union should also finance regular bug hunts, where indepe… (read more)

KDBUS Still Hasn’t Been Pulled, Might Not Land For Linux 4.1

Linus Torvalds still hasn’t pulled the KDBUS code into the Linux 4.1 kernel and it’s beginning to look like he won’t honor this pull request for the current Linux development cycle…

Development: GNOME 3.17.1 unstable tarballs due

Hello all,

Tarballs are due on 2015-04-27 before 23:59 UTC for the GNOME 3.17.1
unstable release, which will be delivered on Wednesday. Modules which
were proposed for inclusion should try to follow the unstable schedule
so everyone can test them.  Please make sure that your tarballs will
be uploaded before Monday 23:59 UTC: tarballs uploaded later than that
will probably be too late to get in 3.17.1. If you are not able to
make a tarball before this deadline or if you think you'll be late,
please send a mail to the release team and we'll find someone to roll
the tarball for you!

For more information about 3.17, the full schedule, the official
module lists and the proposed module lists, please see our colorful 3.17

For a quick overview of the GNOME schedule, please see:


GNOME Foundation: REMINDER: Call for Presentations for GUADEC 2015

Hi everyone;

this is a reminder that the CfP for GUADEC 2015 is still open, but the
submission period will end on May 3rd.

GUADEC is the annual conference of the GNOME community, held in Europe
since 2000. GNOME is a free software project which drives user
interfaces of many GNU/Linux-powered devices, ranging from smartphones
to laptops and personal media centers. GUADEC is the world's largest
gathering of users and developers who are involved with the free
desktop and mobile user interfaces. GUADEC is expected to draw
hundreds of attendees who will discuss and direct the future of the
GNOME project. Developers, artists, translators, users, and
representatives from government, education, and businesses, and anyone
else who shares an interest are welcome.

GUADEC 2015 will be held for the first time in Gothenburg, Sweden. The
conference will be held August 7th to August 9th, with extra days
afterwards available after the core conference days for hackfests and

The schedule of the conference mirrors the ongoing development of the
GNOME project:

  * Design of the core user experience (core applications, shell, toolkit)
  * Design of the developer experience (tools, documentation, services)
  * Integration and extension of the operating system plumbings into the core UX
  * Application development and deployment
  * Integration of web technologies into the GNOME user experience
  * Improving the user experience on different form factors
  * Outreach to new contributors
  * Organization and governance of the project

Submissions that do not fit into these categories are also welcome,
provided that they are relevant or inspirational to the GNOME

The Call for Participation for GUADEC 2015 has the following timeline:

  1. Sunday, May 3rd: Deadline for submission of abstracts
  2. Sunday, May 17th: Notification of speakers
  3. August 7th to 9th: The conference takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden

Please submit your proposals before May 3rd through the online
submission system available on the GUADEC website, available at:

On behalf of the GUADEC papers committee,
 Emmanuele Bassi

Distribution Release: Lubuntu 15.04

The developers of the Lubuntu distribution have announced the availability of Lubuntu 15.04. Lubuntu is built using packages from the Ubuntu repositories and features the LXDE desktop. This release of Lubuntu offers nine months of support and focuses on minor bug fixes as the development team prepares the….

ConnochaetOS 14.1 RC1 Is Out with Linux Libre 3.10.75, Runs Well on a 10 Year Old System

Henry Jensen announced today, April 23, that the first Release Candidate (RC) version of the upcoming ConnochaetOS GNU/Linux 14.1 distribution, a free/libre computer operating system for x86 computers with limited resources, is now available for download and testing.

ConnochaetOS GNU/Linux 14.1 Release Candidate 1 is now powered by a Linux Libre 3.10.75 kernel a… (read more)

Qt Creator 3.4.0 Officially Released, Supports 64-bit Android Toolchains

On April 23, the Qt Creator development team, through Eike Ziller, had the pleasure of announcing the immediate availability for download of Qt Creator 3.4.0, a release that introduces a number of new features and improvements meant to boost the usability of the software.

According to the release notes, Qt Creator 3.4.0 introduces an all-new refactorin… (read more)

Linux Kernel 3.18.12 LTS Arrives with ARM64 and PowerPC Fixes, Updated Drivers

Sasha Levin had the pleasure of announcing the immediate availability for download and upgrade of the Linux kernel 3.18.12, an LTS (Long Term Support) version that is maintained for a few more years.

According to the attached shortlog, Linux kernel 3.18.12 LTS fixes an issue in the ARM64 architecture support, and several others in the PowerPC (PPC) archi… (read more)

Distribution Release: Xubuntu 15.04

The Xubuntu development team has launched Xubuntu 15.04. The Xubuntu distribution is based on packages pulled from the Ubuntu repositories and offers users Xfce as the default desktop environment. The latest version of Xubuntu ships with Xfce 4.12 and improves the appearance of Qt-based applications running in the….

Lubuntu 15.04 Is the Last Release to Use LXDE as the Team Prepares for LXQt – Screenshot Tour

Canonical had the pleasure of announcing the release of the Ubuntu 15.04 computer operating system, dubbed Vivid Vervet, a major version powered by Linux kernel 3.19 and some of the latest Linux technologies available.

Many of the official Ubuntu flavors have been released as well today, April 23, including Kubuntu 15.04, Xubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu MATE 15.04, Ubuntu GNOME 15.04, Ubuntu Studio 15.04, and Ubuntu Kylin 15.04.

Lubuntu 15.04 has also been made available for down… (read more)

WordPress 4.2 “Powell”

Version 4.2 of WordPress, named “Powell” in honor of jazz pianist Bud Powell, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. New features in 4.2 help you communicate and share, globally.

An easier way to share content

Press ThisClip it, edit it, publish it. Get familiar with the new and improved Press This. From the Tools menu, add Press This to your browser bookmark bar or your mobile device home screen. Once installed you can share your content with lightning speed. Sharing your favorite videos, images, and content has never been this fast or this easy.

Extended character support

Character support for emoji, special charactersWriting in WordPress, whatever your language, just got better. WordPress 4.2 supports a host of new characters out-of-the-box, including native Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters, musical and mathematical symbols, and hieroglyphs.

Don’t use any of those characters? You can still have fun — emoji are now available in WordPress! Get creative and decorate your content with 💙, 🐸, 🐒, 🍕, and all the many other emoji.

Customizer theme switcher

Switch themes in the Customizer

Browse and preview your installed themes from the Customizer. Make sure the theme looks great with your content, before it debuts on your site. oEmbed example

Even more embeds

Paste links from and Kickstarter and watch them magically appear right in the editor. With every release, your publishing and editing experience get closer together.

Inline plugin updates

Streamlined plugin updates

Goodbye boring loading screen, hello smooth and simple plugin updates. Click Update Now and watch the magic happen.

Under the Hood

utf8mb4 support

Database character encoding has changed from utf8 to utf8mb4, which adds support for a whole range of new 4-byte characters.

JavaScript accessibility

You can now send audible notifications to screen readers in JavaScript with wp.a11y.speak(). Pass it a string, and an update will be sent to a dedicated ARIA live notifications area.

Shared term splitting

Terms shared across multiple taxonomies will be split when one of them is updated. Find out more in the Plugin Developer Handbook.

Complex query ordering

WP_Query, WP_Comment_Query, and WP_User_Query now support complex ordering with named meta query clauses.

The Team

Drew JaynesThis release was led by Drew Jaynes, with the help of these fine individuals. There are 283 contributors with props in this release, a new high. Pull up some Bud Powell on your music service of choice, and check out some of their profiles:

@mercime, A5hleyRich, Aaron D. Campbell, Aaron Jorbin, abhishekfdd, Adam Silverstein, Ahmad Awais, Alex King, Alex Mills (Viper007Bond), Alin Marcu, Allan Collins, Andrea Fercia, Andrew Bauer, Andrew Nacin, Andrew Norcross, Andrew Ozz, Ankit Gade, Ankit K Gupta, Anton Timmermans, Aram Zucker-Scharff, ArminBraun, Ashfame, Austin Matzko, avryl, Barry Kooij, Beau Lebens, Ben Doherty (Oomph, Inc), Billy Schneider, Boone B. Gorges, Brandon Kraft, Brian Krogsgard, Brian Watson, CalEvans, carolinegeven, Casey Driscoll, Caspie, Catalin Dogaru, Chip Bennett, chipx86, ChriCo, Chris Baldelomar, Chris Olbekson, Christian Foellmann, Christopher Finke, Clifton Griffin, Code Master, Corphi, Courtney Ivey, Craig Ralston, cweiske, Daisuke Takahashi, Damian, Daniel Bachhuber, Daniel Jalkut (Red Sweater), Darin Kotter, Darren Ethier (nerrad), Daryl L. L. Houston (dllh), Dave McHale, David A. Kennedy, David Anderson, David Herrera, Davide ‘Folletto’ Casali, davideugenepratt, davidhamiltron, Denis de Bernardy, Derek Herman, Derek Smart, designsimply, Dion Hulse, dipesh.kakadiya, Dominik Schilling, doublesharp, DzeryCZ, Dzikri Aziz, e.mazovetskiy, Eduardo Reveles, Edward Caissie, Elio Rivero, Ella Iseulde Van Dorpe, elliottcarlson, enej, Eric Binnion, Eric Lewis, Erick Hitter, Evan Solomon, Fabien Quatravaux, fhwebcs, Florian Simeth, Frank, Frank P. Walentynowicz, Franz Josef Kaiser, Gary Cao, Gary Jones, Gary Pendergast, Geert De Deckere, genkisan, George Stephanis, Graham Armfield, Gustavo Bordoni, hakre, Harish Chaudhari, hauvong, Helen Hou-Sandí, herbmillerjr, Hew, horike, Hugh Lashbrooke, Hugo Baeta, Ian Dunn, ianmjones, idealien, imath, Ipstenu (Mika Epstein), J.D. Grimes, Jack Lenox, James Collins, janhenckens, Jeff de Wit, Jeff Farthing, Jeremy Felt, Jesin A, jipmoors, Joan Artes, Joe Dolson, Joe McGill, Joel Bernerman, Joen Asmussen, John Blackbourn, John Eckman, John James Jacoby, John Levandowski, Jonathan Desrosiers, joost de keijzer, Joost de Valk, Jose Castaneda, Josh Levinson, jphase, Julio Potier, Justin Kopepasah, Justin Sternberg, Justin Watt, K.Adam White, Kailey (trepmal), Kelly Dwan, Kevin Ruscoe, Kim Parsell, Kite, Konstantin Kovshenin, Konstantin Obenland, Lance Willett, Leonard, Leonardo Giacone, Liam Gladdy, magicroundabout, maimairel, Mako, Manny Fleurmond, marcelomazza, Marco Chiesi, Marcus Kazmierczak, Marin Atanasov, Mario Peshev, Marius (Clorith), Mark Jaquith, Mark Senff, Marko Heijnen, Matt, Matt Martz, Matt Mullenweg, Matt Wiebe, Matthew Boynes, Matthew Eppelsheimer, Matthew Haines-Young, mattyrob, Max Cutler, mehulkaklotar, Mel Choyce, meloniq, mgibbs189, Michael Adams (mdawaffe), Michael Arestad, Michael Beckwith, michalzuber, Mike Glendinning, Mike Hansen, Mike Jordan, Mike Schinkel, MikeNGarrett, Milan Dinic, mmn-o, Mohammad Jangda, MomDad, Morgan Estes, Morpheu5, Naoko Takano, nathan_dawson, Neil Pie, Nick Halsey, nicnicnicdevos, Nikhil Vimal, ninnypants, nitkr, Nuno Morgadinho, OriginalEXE, Paresh Radadiya, Pat Hawks, Paul Bearne, Paul Schreiber, Paul Wilde, pavelevap, Payton Swick, Pete Mall, Pete Nelson, Peter Wilson, Pippin Williamson, podpirate, postpostmodern, Prasath Nadarajah, prasoon2211, Primoz Cigler, r-a-y, Rachel Baker, rahulbhangale, Rami Yushuvaev, Rastislav Lamos, Ravindra Pal Singh, Rian Rietveld, Ritesh Patel, Robert Chapin, Rodrigo Primo, Ryan Boren, Ryan Marks, sagarjadhav, samo9789, samuelsidler, Scott Grant, Scott Reilly, Scott Taylor, scott.gonzalez, ScreenfeedFr, scribu, Sean Hayes, Sergej Muller, Sergey Biryukov, sevenspark, Simon Wheatley, Siobhan, sippis, Slobodan Manic, solarissmoke, Stephane Daury, Stephanie Leary, Stephen Edgar, Steve Grunwell, stevehickeydesign, Steven Word, Takashi Irie, Takuro Hishikawa, theMikeD, thomaswm, Thorsten Frommen, Till, Timothy Jacobs, tiqbiz, tmatsuur, tmeister, Tobias Schutter, TobiasBg, tomdxw, Travis Northcutt, trishasalas, Ty Carlson, UaMV, Udit Desai, Ulrich Sossou, Veritaserum, voldemortensen, VolodymyrC, vortfu, welcher, Weston Ruter, William Earnhardt, and WordPressor.

Special thanks go to Siobhan McKeown for producing the release video and Cami Kaos for the voice-over.

Finally, thanks to all of the contributors who provided subtitles for the release video, which at last count had been translated into 30 languages!

Adrian Pop, Alin Marcu, Bagerathan Sivarajah, Besnik, Bjørn Johansen, Chantal Coolsma, cubells, Daisuke Takahashi, Diana K. Cury, DjZoNe, dyrer, Elzette Roelofse, fxbtacoverdoenard, Gabriel Reguly, Jenny Wong, Gary Jones, Håvard Grimelid, Joachim Jensen, Jimmy Xu, Junko Nukaga, Justina, Kostas Vrouvas, Krzysztof Trynkiewicz, Luís Rodrigues, Luis Rull, Mark Thomas Gazel , Marius Jensen, matthee, Mattias Tengblad, Matúš Záhradník, Mayuko Moriyama, Michal Vittek, Milan Dinić, MrShemek, Naoko Takano, pavelevap, Peter Holme Obrestad, Petya Raykovska,
Przemysław Mirota, qraczek, Rafa Poveda, Rami Yushuvaev, Rasheed Bydousi, Rhoslyn Prys, Robert Axelsen, Sergey Biryukov, Siobhan Bamber, Stephen Edgar, ک To Have داشتن, Torsten Landsiedel, Victor J. Quesada, Wolly, Xavi Ivars, Xavier Borderie

If you want to follow along or help out, check out Make WordPress and our core development blog. Thanks for choosing WordPress. See you soon for version 4.3!

Xubuntu 15.04 Arrives with Xfce 4.12 and Linux Kernel 3.19 – Screenshot Tour

Canonical released today the final version of the Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) operating system, as well as its many flavors, including Kubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu MATE 15.04, Ubuntu GNOME 15.04, Ubuntu Kylin 15.04, Ubuntu Studio 15.04, and Lubuntu 15.04.

Xubuntu 15.04 has also been officially released today, April 23, as part of the major announcement for Canonical’s Vivid Vervet … (read more)

The State Of The Lima/Tamil Driver Code

For those wondering about the state of the Lima and Tamil graphics drivers for providing open-source, accelerated support to ARM Mali graphics processors, Luc Verhaegen has written a new blog post after being silent for a while…

Distribution Release: Kubuntu 15.04

The Kubuntu project has announced the release of Kubuntu 15.04, a distribution built using packages from the Ubuntu repositories and featuring desktop software provided by the KDE project. Kubuntu 15.04 offers users the Plasma 5 desktop environment and nine months of security updates. “Plasma 5, the next generation….

Ubuntu 15.04 Gets Its First Vulnerability Fix

Canonical has just published details regarding the first vulnerability identified and fixed for a package present in Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet).

Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was released today and developers have already pushed the first update for one of the packages, the USB creator. It’s also called the Startup Disk Creator, and a developer found out that it could have been tricked into running programs as an administrator.

“Tavis Ormandy discovered that usb-creator w… (read more)

Webconverger 28 Is a Great Linux OS for Internet Cafes and Kiosks

Webconverger, a Linux distribution used for deployment in places like offices or Internet cafes, where only web applications are used, is now at version 28 and is ready for download.

Many of the operating systems that you see running in various places like Internet cafes or any setting where users just need to have access to some basic tools are actually based on Linux. Webconverger is such an OS, and it does an excellent job.

“28.0’s most exciting new feature is opted i… (read more)

The New Linux Performance Test Lab Is Already Being Expanded

It was just last month that our new, large-scale test farm was completed while already it’s being expanded… Another 42U rack is being added to allow for more systems to go through rigorous benchmarking via the Phoronix Test Suite’s Phoromatic…

Development: GNOME 3.17/3.18 Schedule available

Hey everybody,

the release schedule for GNOME 3.17/3.18 is out now:

(also linked from )


Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Released, Is Now an Official Ubuntu Flavor – Screenshot Tour

Martin Wimpress had the pleasure of informing Softpedia today, April 23, about the immediate availability for download of the Ubuntu MATE 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) computer operating system, as well as about its highlights.

The biggest news of the Ubuntu MATE 15.04 release is that the entire project is now an official Ubuntu flavor. It is built around the MATE 1.8.2 desktop environment, which provides users … (read more)