How to install the latest GIT version on CentOS

How to install the latest GIT version on CentOS

Git is a fairly popular free open source distributed Version Control System (VCS) expressly designed to tackle projects of varying scales (from the small ones to the significantly large ones)with incredible speed and efficiency. It is mainly used for source code management, and remains primarily focused on speed, seamless support for distributed non-linear workflows and data integrity. This tutorial explains the process of installing and using GIT on CentOS in a detailed manner.

CentOS 7 GNOME Live CD Screenshot Tour

Now that the CentOS 7 Linux kernel-based operating system has been officially released, the time has come to enjoy some screenshots of this beautiful distribution of Linux based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Today we’ll start our series of CentOS 7 screenshot tours with the standard Live CD edition, which is built around the modern GNOME desktop environment with the controversial GNOME Shell user interface. The Live CD has been designed to fit on a CD, but it can also be deployed to … (read more)

Linux Kernel 3.4.98 LTS Brings Updated Wireless Drivers and Better PowerPC Support

Greg Kroah-Hartman, the renown kernel maintainer, had the pleasure of announcing on July 9 the immediate availability for download of Linux kernel 3.4.98 LTS (Long Term Support). Linux kernel 3.4.98 LTS is here to introduce better support for the PowerPC (PPC) computer architecture, several updated wireless, Radeon, ACPI, SCSI, and USB drivers, improvements to the CIFS and NFS filesystems, as well as networking enhancements, especially for Bluetooth and Wireless. “I’m announcing the r… (read more)

Deluge 1.3.7 BitTorrent Client Has Been Officially Released

Deluge, a free, open source, and multi-platform software project that acts as a full-featured and lightweight BitTorrent client on GNU/Linux, BSD, Windows, and Macintosh operating systems, has reached version 1.3.7 after four months of development. Deluge 1.3.7 fixes the compatibility with Python Twisted 13.1, resolves an issue with rejected dotted filenames by the extractor component, repairs an error that appeared if the listen interface was whitespace, and the encryption level has been tw… (read more)

Linux Kernel 3.15.5 Is Now Available for Download

The fifth maintenance release of the current stable Linux kernel package, version 3.15, was announced last evening, July 9, by none other than Greg Kroah-Hartman. The release introduces numerous improvements and bug fixes. Looking through the changelog, we can notice that Linux kernel 3.15.5 introduces a plethora of updated drivers, especially for Intel i915, AMD Radeon and Nvidia video cards, Bluetooth improvements, sound fixes, wireless tweaks, Btrfs and EXT4 enhancements, as well as ARM a… (read more)

CentOS 7 Is Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Available Only for 64-bit Platforms

The CentOS development team, through Karanbir Singh, had the pleasure of announcing the immediate availability for download of the award-winning CentOS 7 Linux operating system, which is based on publicly available sources of the recently released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 distribution. CentOS 7 is a community-derived Linux OS designed with both desktop and server deployment in mind. This release comes with a brand new numbering scheme, which allows its developers to release regular maintena… (read more)

RHEL 5.11 Beta, Gaming News, and Fedora Playground

In today’s Linux news, Red Hat announces the "beta availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11." Several gaming posts caught my attention and Ryan Lerch says try out new kernel features in the new Fedora kernel-playground. The first Linux poetry contest winner was announced and his poem posted. And another Deepin review pops up. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11 Beta was announced today for those still running that branch. The announcement says, "While primarily focused on improving security and stability, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11 Beta provides additional enhancements to subscription management, debugging capabilities, and more." This is to be the final release for version 5 although security and bug fixes will continue until March 31, 2017. The poetry contest has seen its first winner. Alan Bruce bagged a free pass to LinuxCon and CloudOpen North America for his submission titled "btrfs." It begins, ‘They call her "Butterface…"’ Ryan Lerch wrote today in Fedora Magazine that Josh Boyer yesterday announced Fedora’s new kernel-playground. "Basically, this is a repo for users that want to try out some new and shiny (yet not ready for primetime) kernel features in Fedora." It will "roughly track Rawhide" and the kernels are almost

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The Beta To The Final Minor Release Of RHEL5 Is Out

For those still dependent upon Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, the beta to the 5.11 point release is now out, which serves as the last planned revision to RHEL5…

The Witcher 2 Works On Beta Improvements

Back in May The Witcher 2 was released for Linux but the quality of this Linux game port was extremely bad and problematic for many Linux gamers due to slow performance and other issues. Fortunately, it looks like some of the problems at least may be addressed as a new open beta is beginning for the Linux version of The Witcher 2…

Tor Embroiled in $1M Revenge-Porn Lawsuit

Texas attorney Jason L. Van Dyke recently filed a lawsuit against nude-photo-sharing site Pink Meth and included the Tor Project among its defendants. Pink Meth is an “involuntary pornography” site, the suit charges, enabling users to post nude photos for the purposes of getting revenge on those pictured. It’s accessible only to users who have downloaded Tor’s anonymity-minded software. The plaintiff named in the case is allegedly a victim of Pink Meth’s service who was caused mental anguish and loss of earning capacity as a result.

How to install Linux Mint alongside OSX on the MacBook Air

This is a step by step guide showing how to install Linux Mint alongside OSX on the MacBook Air. The guide covers backing up your drive, how to get Linux Mint, how to create a bootable Linux Mint USB drive, how to partition the disk, how to boot into the live session, how to install Linux Mint, how to fix the boot loader and how to set up a wireless internet connection.


Legacy Mode – Launching Monday 14th July

We are pleased to announce Legacy Mode will be launched into the full game from Monday 14th July.

Community Chronicle 10/07

Events, videos, and a fantastic competition are all featured in this edition of the RuneScape Community Chronicle.

Fedora Gets A Kernel Playground Repository

The latest Fedora Copr repository established provides a “kernel playground” whereby currently out-of-tree and/or experimental kernel features are enabled for developers and enthusiasts to try out…

Firefox Might Finally Be Moving Closer To Better KDE Integration

For KDE desktop users unhappy with the level of integration with Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, the situation might finally be changing…

Development Release: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11 Beta

Red Hat has announced the availability of the beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.11. This is expected to be the last release of the 5.x series of RHEL whose 10-year support cycle will terminate in 2017. From the release announcement: “When Red Hat Enterprise Linux….

How to configure a NFS server and mount NFS shares on Ubuntu 14.04

How to configure a NFS server and mount NFS shares on Ubuntu 14.04Network File System (NFS) is a popular distributed filesystem protocol that enables users to mount remote directories on their server. The system lets you leverage storage space in a different location and write onto the same space from multiple servers in an effortless manner. It, thus, works fairly well for directories that users need to access frequently. This tutorial explains the process of mounting NFS share on an Ubuntu 14.04 server in an simple and easy-to-follow steps.


PrestaShop World Tour: Let’s meet a brick and mortar turned online shop in NYC!

The growing US ecommerce market, valued at $289 billion, is one of the largest in the world. With endless technological innovations, it’s easy to see why this market grows at 13%. We’ve stopped in New York City to learn more about the largest retail market in the world.

Today we’re in Chelsea visiting a local store selling fresh and healthy yogurt. Unlike our previous merchants, John and his wife run a successful brick and mortar store. They recently decided to broaden their reach and by launching their online store, SOHHA. With tons of delicious pictures and a bit of uploading, their online store is live and almost ready for business.

Managing an online store that sells fresh products comes with its own set of challenges. We’re learning how he overcame them and seeing how ecommerce changed the way they do business.

Let’s say “Hi” to John!

PrestaShop World Tour: NYC Soha Yogurt from PrestaShop on Vimeo.

RealVNC Introduces VNC Wayland Developer Preview

For nearly one year we’ve known about RealVNC being interested in Wayland support for their commercial VNC products and last year they proposed a remote access protocol for Wayland. Today, RealVNC has put out a developer preview of its VNC software for Wayland…

Looking Forward To The Future Of KDE Frameworks 5

While KDE Frameworks 5 was just released this week, there’s already new features and functionality sought after for future revisions of this modularized set of next-gen KDE libraries…