GOG.com Officially Starts Rolling Out Linux Games

GOG.com has officially started rolling out their Linux support and the first batch of Linux-compatible, DRM-free games are available today…

Ubuntu: 2296-1: Thunderbird vulnerabilities

Several security issues were fixed in Thunderbird.


GOG.com Offers Its First 50 Linux Games

The digital platform GOG.com now offers a number of Linux games and this event marks the entry of this new distribution service into the Linux market. GOG.com representatives said a few months ago that they also planned to provide Linux versions of their games, but the promise was made with a launch date set for the fall of 2014. It looks like they managed to get things done a little faster than anticipated and a number of 50 games now also have a Linux counterpart. “We’ve put much tim… (read more)

Dropbox 2.11.2 Brings a Better Linux Interface and Fixes

Dropbox 2.11.2, the experimental build of a client for an online service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere, has been released for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. The Dropbox client has received quite a lot of attention lately and its developers have finally managed to take a closer look at the Linux version of the client. It’s been a long time since the UI has been improved on the open source platform, but the latest changes are more than surprising. The interface … (read more)

Valve Releases Major Steam Beta Update with Improved Web Browser

Valve developers have released a Beta update, the first one in a new branch, and it looks like they have been very busy and they have made quite a few improvements.

New Steam Beta releases are not generally this big. The devs usually take their time and release smaller updates with just a few features and changes that can be tested in a timely manner.

This update touches on almost all of the aspects of the Steam client, including the Library, Big Picture, In-Home Streaming, Steam Music Beta,… (read more)

Unity 8 and Mir Updates Promoted by Ubuntu Developers

Canonical is working on the upcoming Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn), but its developers are also trying to improve some technologies that haven’t made it just yet to the desktop version, such as Unity 8 and the Mir display server. Ubuntu users have been waiting for a long time to get a new major overhaul of Unity, the default desktop environment. Unity has been improved over the years, ever since its release back in 2011 for the desktop flavor of the distribution. Unity received a big update … (read more)

Oracle Linux 7.0 OS Has XFS as Default File System and Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3

The Oracle Linux 7.0 operating system has been released by Oracle and brings numerous new features and changes, like Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3 and a new default file system. The Oracle developers have gone through a couple of Release Candidates for this new build of the distribution and now the final version has arrived. As expected, it’s packed with a ton of modifications, which include the new XFS as the default operating system, Btrfs as an alternative, Linux Containers (LXC)… (read more)

Fedora 21 Has Been Delayed By Three Weeks

Due to many of the Fedora 21 changes/features not being ready in time, the release schedule has been pushed back by three weeks…

Mono Begins To Focus On Performance, Assembles A Team

Miguel de Icaza shared that they’re assembling a “Mono Performance Team” at Xamarin for accelerating the performance of Mono…

IPv6 Improvements Hit NetworkManager

While NetworkManager has already supported the IPv6 protocol for some months now, several IPv6-related improvements were pushed to its code-base on Wednesday…

Oracle Linux 7 Released Today As Its RHEL7 Clone

In case you didn’t hear already, Oracle announced the release of Oracle Linux 7 as the latest version of its Linux OS cloned from the open-source Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 code-base…

Skype for Linux Redesign Is Ugly but Functional

If you do not mind having a free non-open source Microsoft product on your Linux computer, the latest Skype for Linux release catches up to the Windows and Mac versions, providing most of the features they’ve had for some time. Microsoft rolled out Skype version in mid June. The catch-up release has an updated user interface, some additional features, and lots of bug fixes. The latest Skype for Linux version also got rid of Alsa audio API support. Instead, it supports only Pulse Audio.

Podcast – Wiki Exposed

The latest in our ‘Exposed’ series sees Mod Michelle giving us the inside scoop on the wiki.

Community Chronicle 24/07

The latest Community Chronicle is here, bringing you more news, events and spectacular fan art than you can crack an abyssal whip at.

Treasure Hunter – Divine Recall

Get up to 50% additional Divination XP when you open Treasure Hunter chests this weekend.

AMD R600g/RadeonSI Performance On Linux 3.16 With Mesa 10.3-devel

As the first part of an upcoming series of tests benchmarking the latest open-source and closed-source Linux graphics drivers for AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce hardware, here’s some benchmark results for several recent Radeon GPUs when tested on the current Git version of the Linux 3.16 kernel and a recent Mesa 10.3-devel snapshot.

Unigine Develops City Traffic System, A Driving Simulator

While the Unigine Engine sadly hasn’t fully rode the Linux gaming wave with there still being very few games powered by this visually stunning engine that has supported Linux for many years, they are at least finding commercial success in other areas — namely around simulation and industrial licenses. One of the company’s recent endeavors is with a driving simulator…

Intel 3.0 X.Org Driver Still Baking, New Development Release

Chris Wilson announced the release this morning of the xf86-video-intel 2.99.913 driver as the latest development version in the nearly year-long process of releasing xf86-video-intel 3.0…

Eric Anholt Makes Progress With Broadcom VC4 Graphics Driver

One month ago Linux developer Eric Anholt left Intel to work at Broadcom. Eric, a long-time contributor to the open-source Linux graphics stack, is now tasked at Broadcom with developing a DRM driver and Mesa/Gallium3D driver for Broadcom’s “VC4″ graphics hardware, which is found within the Raspberry Pi…

Distribution Release: Oracle Linux 7.0

Oracle has announced the release of Oracle Linux 7.0, a distribution rebuilt from source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, but featuring a custom “unbreakable” kernel: “Oracle is pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle Linux 7. Oracle Linux 7 offers the latest innovations and improvements….