The New SuperTuxKart Looks Better, But Can Cause GPU/Driver Problems

A new SuperTuxKart beta premiered today after one year of work and lands their new graphics engine that leverages OpenGL 3.1 for rendering. I’ve now had some hands on time with this open-source GL3 game with some initial thoughts…

GTK+ On Windows Now Supports OpenGL

For users of the GTK+ tool-kit on Windows, OpenGL support is coming and follows in the footsteps of GTK’s recent OpenGL focus and enablement on Linux…

New Ruby Benchmarks On GCC vs. LLVM Clang Compilers

Earlier this month were the independent benchmark results that saw Ruby built under Clang was faster than GCC when a developer running Debian was doing some basic compiler performance tests. Now another developer has done more extensive Ruby benchmarks on varying versions of GCC and Clang…

Trinity Desktop Environment R14 Released, but It’s Still Trapped in the Past

Trinity, a desktop environment for Unix-like operating systems with a primary goal of retaining the overall KDE 3.5 computing style, has finally reached version R14.0.0 and is now ready for download.

Younger Linux users might not know that KDE was forked a few years back into the Trinity Desktop Environment. The developers had a very simple reason for this fork, as they wanted to preserve the design of the KDE 3.5 desktop.

KDE used to look a lot more like the Windows counterpart and part of … (read more)

Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” KDE RC Is Out, Features Rather Boring KDE Experience

The first RC for Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” KDE has been released and the developers invite everyone to download and test the new version.

Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” KDE RC uses KDE 4.14 as the default desktop environment and it looks like users will have to keep employing this old version for a while. KDE SC 4.14.3 was made available a couple of weeks ago, but it’s the last one in the series.

Things changed after this version, and the KDE project is now separated into a few distinct parts. It… (read more)

Multi-Stream Transport 4K Monitors To Become Better Supported On Linux

For a number of months David Airlie at Red Hat has been working on DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport (DP MST) handling for Linux. Keith Packard over at Intel is now playing with DP MST too for bettering modern 4K display support on Linux within X.Org Server based environments…

New Supertuxkart Beta Lands New Graphics Engine, Uses OpenGL 3.1+

Supertuxkart 0.8.2 is now in beta. While v0.8.2 might not sound like a huge milestone from the numbers, it actually is. This Supertuxkart beta lands their new graphics engine that relies upon OpenGL 3.1+ for rendering…

Top 10 Ecommerce Newsletters of 2014 from PrestaShop merchants

Top 10 Ecommerce Newsletters of 2014 from PrestaShop merchants

It seems like just yesterday we were making summer plans, but with a blink of an eye, the year has passed and we’re almost into 2015. Throughout this year, we’ve seen some great newsletters from PrestaShop merchants.

Although it was hard, we’ve narrowed them down to the top 10 ecommerce newsletters of 2014. We’ve listed each newsletter’s subject line, shop, reasons why we think it’s great and what you should try next year. Let’s get started!

1. Thank You for Signing Up – Here is Your Voucher! by Bloch Australia

Why it’s great: This email rewards customers for subscribing to newsletter and encourages them to shop with a discount code. The timeliness of this coupon code is key in driving conversions and convincing customers to make their first purchase.
What to try: Welcome new customers with a coupon.

(View it live)

Bloch Australia

2. International Delivery & New Tools by Eating Tools

Why it’s great: Newsletters give the perfect opportunity to reach out to your customers. Use it to tell them about new services like international shipping or new products. This newsletter does a great job at both and draws us in by share the new product’s story.
What to try: Tell customers about new services!

(Click to Enlarge)

Eating Tools

3. ARTOYZ NEWS 211 : Artoyz’s new look with news! by Artoyz

Why it’s great: This newsletter announces the new shop design so customers expect and aren’t confused by the updated design. Most merchants get so excited for their new website design, they forget to tell customers about it – don’t let it be you.
What to try: Announce your website redesign.

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4. CITIZEN : Extra thin Eco-Drive watches by Timefy

Why it’s great: Timefy features the brand, Citizen, up and center in both the subject line and newsletter content. It’s great for building your store’s credibility and grabbing your customers’ attention. This is especially true if you sell well-known brand names.
What to try: Highlight popular brands.

(Click to Enlarge)


5. welcome bordeaux ! by Tiny Cottons

Why it’s great: To start, we love their super short subject line because it’s effortless to read. Once you open the email, the newsletter is dedicated entirely to one topic, or in this case, color – Bordeaux.
What to try: Feature a season’s hottest color.

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Tiny Cottons


Why it’s great: Try adding some pizazz to your 2015 newsletters with .gif images. Bimba y Lola used them to feature multiple products at once, while keeping the email short and simple. Get started by creating your own with this free online gif maker.
What to try: Bring products to life with gifs.

(Click to Enlarge)

Bimba y Lola

7. Julie, enjoy exclusive access to summer + PLUS SHIP FREE by Condura

Why it’s great: The personalization in the subject line immediately grabs our attention. Adding your customers’ name can make a standard message seem personal. Then once a customer opens this newsletter, there is a coupon code enticing customers (like me) to shop.
What to try: Personalize emails with customer information.

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8. 15% off Mokosh skincare | Filter fluoride by 97% | Hot new Veggie spiralizer | $10 off Bokashi composting kit by Biome

Why it’s great: The subject lines does a great job summarizing the entire newsletter. Even before I open it, I know the deals I can expect within the email. If I’m looking for something in particular, I know where it is listed.
What to try: Promote your sale in the subject line

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9. Gifts to Put a Spring in Mom’s Step! by Gretel Home

Why it’s great: Holidays roll around like clockwork. Gift ideas take the stress out of holiday shopping by making it effortlessly easy to find the perfect present. This newsletter does a great job in helping customers purchase the perfect Mother’s day gift by suggesting products for all types of moms.
What to try: Feature products with gift guides.

(Click to Enlarge)

Gretel Home

10. It’s National Handbag Day! 20% Off Bags! by What goes around comes around

Why it’s great: Who doesn’t love a great celebration? Although National Handbag Day isn’t widely celebrated throughout the world, it’s very relevant for this PrestaShop store. We love how they thought outside the box!
What to try: Celebrate unique yet relevant holidays.

(View it live)

What goes around comes around

Which of these newsletters will inspire yours in 2015? Tell us in the comments below. Ready to start sending your own newsletters? Purchase the Newsletter Module from PrestaShop Addons.

SuperX 3.0 Beta Continues To Polish The KDE Desktop Experience

SuperX is a relatively young Linux distribution that tries to ship a polished KDE desktop experience…

It’s Christmas in FOSS-land!

largeGComprisLogoOr Hannuka or Kwanzaa or the solstice or… you get the picture. Whatever holiday you celebrate, it’s here!

And in the spirit of warmth and light and giving, Mageia is embarking on (what we hope will be) a yearly tradition where we donate to a project in the FOSS community. “What is this?” you might ask, or even “But I donated to Mageia, not some small project I’ve never even heard of!” and those are, of course, excellent questions.

See, Mageia is a community-driven Linux distribution. Everybody here volunteers and does the work because he or she can and because they want to contribute. The money that we collect in donations goes to paying for server costs, hardware repairs and upgrades, supporting booths and handing out merchandise at conventions, (and in one case flying in a repair person when everything broke).

But the Mageia community is part of a much larger community, the FOSS community. (FOSS stands for Free and Open Source Software) Thanks to you (yes, you personally!) we’ve grown to become one of the biggest Linux distributions out there. When we first started we were quite small, but we’ve grown up very quickly. Now we are in a position to help the litle guy. We’ll be using this gift to help out a project that we feel close to, so it will always be a project that we package.

This gift is (relatively speaking) rather small, but it’s the thought that counts. So we’d like to take this opportunity to spotlight a small but very useful open source software project.
Almost all of the applications that we use in a Mageia system are developed by other open source projects. Some of these are large and reasonably well funded, such as KDE, Gnome and Mozilla, but there are many others that depend on the support of very small groups of dedicated individuals. One such project is Gcompris, which is presently engaged in a fund raising drive to enable it to modernize the appearance of its software.

So we have decided that this year we will be donating 250€ to Gcompris. This year’s choice is built on that simple point: as a distribution, we are working hard to make Linux comfy for most users. Many children first see Linux through Gcompris (which means “I understood” when pronounced in French).

Gcompris is a software suite of educational activities for children from 0 to 10. Helping to introduce children to linux helps the whole Linux world to grow:). Of course, our donation is only a small part of what Gcompris is trying to raise, so if you have some money that you budgeted for a good cause and are looking for that good cause, we think that Gcompris is it.

This time we picked Gcompris ourselves, but next year, you can have a say in the matter. Towards the end of 2015 (we’re not sure exactly when) we’ll ask you what you think a worthy cause for our yearly gift will be. So if you happen to see one, make a note of it.
May you have a merry end-of-year festivities.

Mageia team

Radeon vs. Modesetting DDX Performance Comparison

With xf86-video-modesetting continuing to add support for new features while being a generic hardware driver as long as there’s an underlying DRM/KMS driver, how is the 2D and OpenGL performance compare when using this driver on an AMD GPU instead of the specialized xf86-video-ati DDX driver? Here’s some benchmarks…

Linux Mint 17.1 RCs Out For Xfce & KDE

Last month marked the release of the Cinnamon and MATE editions of Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca while on approach now is the KDE and Xfce desktop versions…

Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” Xfce RC Is Out and Ready for Testing – Screeenshot Tour

The Linux Mint developers have just outed the first and probably only RC for the Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” Xfce edition. Users can now download the images and test the new release.

Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” Xfce RC was announced just a few days ago and the developers have been quick to release it. The reason for this speed is the fact that the 17.1 branch is based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, just like the previous iteration. Keeping only to Ubuntu LTS releases was a very good decision and now the de… (read more)

Beautiful New KDE Plasma Desktop Gets Its December Update

The KDE Community just announced that Plasma, the desktop for the KDE project, is now at version 5.1.2 and it comes with a large array of changes, improvements, and various fixes.

The KDE project is going through some changes and developers decided to split all the components in KDE Applications and Platform, KDE Frameworks, and KDE Plasma.

This means that there won’t be a single KDE SC release, with the same version for all the components. Now, Plasma 5.1.2 has been made available, and KDE … (read more)

Civilization: Beyond Earth for Linux Launches Tomorrow, December 18

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth, the latest title in the Civilization franchise, is finally coming to the Linux platform and the released date is tomorrow, December 18.

The Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth game was ported for Linux users by Aspyr Media, the same studio that also did the Mac OS X port and a number of other ones. They are starting to get some proper experience for the porting process and they even had great success with DirectX 11-only games, like Civilization: Bey… (read more)

Distribution Release: Wifislax 4.10

Version 4.10 of Wifislax, a Slackware-based distribution with a collection of utilities for performing wireless connection analyses and related security tests, has been released. This the first time the ISO image file exceeds 700 MB which means that it will no longer fit on a CD. The release….

New Input Drivers Coming For Linux 3.19 Kernel

One of the latest pull requests for the Linux 3.19 kernel is the input driver subsystem pull, which includes numerous updates along with a few new drivers. The new drivers will benefit some Google Chromebooks in running the latest upstream kernel…

Calculate Linux 14.12 Brings An Optimized Updater

Version 14.12 of the Gentoo-based Calculate Linux distribution is now available in time for the holidays…

Distribution Release: Calculate Linux 14.12

Alexander Tratsevskiy has announced the release of Calculate Linux 14.12, the latest update of the project’s Gentoo-based distribution with editions for desktops (KDE or Xfce), servers and media centres: “We are happy to announce the release of Calculate Linux 14.12. Main changes: updates are checked even faster in….

Civilization: Beyond Earth Is Being Released Thursday

Civilization: Beyond Earth will see its native Linux port released this Thursday by Aspyr Media…