GNOME 3.14 Makes More Progress In Running Natively On Wayland

Red Hat developer Matthias Clasen has shared a status update concerning the state of running the GNOME Shell desktop natively on Wayland without any X11 dependence. With GNOME 3.14, more progress has been made in making the Wayland experience really usable. Clasen also shares that Red Hat is hiring another Wayland developer…

RadeonSI Gallium3D vs. Catalyst At 4K UHD On Linux

Last week I published some open-source performance numbers for running the AMD RadeonSI Gallium3D driver at 4K UHD. Today is a performance comparison of the open and closed-source AMD Linux drivers using the latest code atop Ubuntu while running at 3840 x 2160.

Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition Arrives on Steam for Linux

Another World, a legendary adventure game developed by Eric Chahi and launched initially 23 years ago, has finally arrived on Linux.

Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition is an incredibly hard action game that should be played by anyone who fancies himself (herself) a gamer. Everything can kill the main character and it's one of the first games of its kind. It’s been resurrected to work on modern computers and now even Linux players can get it.

"Another World chronicl… (read more)

Minix 3.3 Released With Cortex-A8 ARM Support, NetBSD Userland Compatibility

Andrew Tanenbaum and his crew have released a significant update to Minix. The Minix 3.3.0 release comes with x86 and ARM support, is mostly compatible with the NetBSD user-land while its kernel is less than 13k lines of code, and it’s BSD-licensed…

5 Examples of Ecommerce Product Pages That Convert

The Internet is a gateway to an infinite number of products that online shoppers can choose from. If shoppers are not convinced by your product pages, they can easily leave your site and for your competitors’ shop. That is why your product pages play a critical role in your visitors’ purchasing decisions. They can make or break a sale!

The good news is that there are many ways to improve product pages and boost sales. Here, we share key elements they should have and 5 examples of ecommerce product pages that convert.

Why are product pages important?

Beyond SEO benefits, the goal of a product page is to convince visitors to make purchases. Product pages play the same role that a sales representative would in a traditional store. They provide two things for customers:

- Information. Unlike a physical store, customers cannot touch or feel the product. Instead they rely on product pages to gain information like characteristics, features, benefits, etc.
- Reassurance. Well-organized and complete product pages instill trust in the goods your sell so visitors won’t have reservations with placing orders.

Key elements of effective product pages

- Post customer reviews to give your products credibility.
- Display product availability to avoid frustrating customers.
- Use a highly visible Call to Action button with irresistible wording.
- Optimize load speed to avoid loosing visitors.
- Post quality images that highlight the product from different angles.
- Include product videos to provide important information to shoppers.
- Write detailed product descriptions to improve search rankings.
- Include reassuring elements to build trust with your customer (telephone number, secure payment logos, link to your return policy)

Don’t forget! To improve your product pages, experiment with these different elements to find the best combination for your store.

Examples of effective product pages


See the full product page

What they sell

Garancia offers innovative cosmetics through their magical online store.

What we like

  • Complete Product Information. Visitors can learn everything about this cream from the product page. Benefits, formula, ingredients, use, awards received and even where to purchase is included, leaving no room for doubt!
  • Product Video. The founder of Garancia presents the cream and its benefits in a short, professional video, which will convince even the most skeptical shopper.
  • Elements of Trust. Customers are reassured through Garancia’s services to help customers feel at ease when they finalize their purchase.

What can be improved

  • Make the price more visible and easy to spot.
  • Highlight the Add to Cart button against other buttons on the page.

TB Groupe

See the full product page

What they sell

TB Groupe is a 5th generation, French cutlery company that leads the industry in quality manufactured products.

What we like

  • Availability Information. At TB Groupe, customers are never frustrated because product availability is clearly indicated. If a product is out of stock, the customer can request to be emailed when it is back in stock.
  • Professional Photos. These high-quality photos highlight the product from different angles to give visitors a clear view of the products.
  • Informative Visual Guides. These visual guides make it easy for customers to choose. In just a glance, shoppers can find important information about the product and easily compare it against others.

What can be improved

  • Add more information to the product description such as the different uses for each knife.

Speak Louder

See the full product page

What they sell

Speak Louder is an online store that sells beautiful handmade ties and bow ties.

What we like

  • The 5% Discount. Speak Louder offers visitors a 5% discount on their order if they share the product on social networks. It’s a great way to increase purchases and product visibility!
  • Clear, Non-pixelated Zoom. With quality zoom images, customers can see the quality of the product for themselves.
  • Cross-selling or Additional sales. At the end of the product page, similar products are presented, convincing customers to shop and increasing the cart value.

What can be improved

  • Feature the Add to Cart button more.
  • Make the product more dynamic by showcasing the product on a model.


See the full product page

What they sell

Skinkin sells custom skins and cases for smartphones and tablets.

What we like

  • Featured Call to Action. The Add to Cart button’s size and colors sets it apart from other buttons.
  • Live chat. A sales representative provides live answers to questions and concerns shoppers have, to help increase purchases. This module also gives a human touch to the site and reassures shoppers.
  • Benefits are Clearly Displayed. Presenting product features in bullet point makes it easy to understand.

What can be improved

  • Diversify product descriptions to improve SEO.


See the full product page

What they sell

JustFab sells quality shoes and bags at affordable prices.

What we like

  • Customer Reviews. They are more credible than a sales pitch from the company, thus having a stronger impact on the purchasing decision.
  • Product Video. Here again, the video promotes the product to make the customer want to purchase the shoes
  • Return Policy Highlights. JustFab promotes their perfect size, guaranteed, with free returns and hassle-free exchanges. So why not order?

What can be improved

  • Highlight prices, especially the discounts.

Tell us which of these best practices you’ve implemented in your store and whether or not they’ve impacted your conversion rate. Also, feel free to share any other tips we may have forgotten!


Whether it’s product image zoom, cross-selling, customer reviews, or availability information, the PrestaShop software lets you apply all of these best practices to your product pages. Not a PrestaShop merchant yet? Download PrestaShop now.


OS Release: MINIX 3.3.0

Andy Tanenbaum has announced the release of MINIX 3.3.0, a major new version of the UNIX-like operating system based on a microkernel architecture – now also with support for the ARM processor: “We are pleased to present the MINIX 3.3.0 stable release. The major new features and improvements….

New Steam Update Improves AMD Hardware Encoding Quality for In-Home Streaming

The Beta branch of the Steam distribution platform has been updated by Valve and the devs have explained that a few changes have been made.

The size of the Beta releases is getting smaller and smaller and that means a stable version is on its way. There is no way to say when that will happen, but it's going to be very soon.

The changelog is very small and holds just a few changes. For example, installing games using "-applaunch" or "steam://install" commands is now wo… (read more)

More Intel DRM Changes Queued For Linux 3.18, Including Old i830M Fixes

With the drm-next merge window for Linux 3.18 closing, Intel’s open-source developers have submitted another round of changes for ultimately landing with the Linux 3.18 kernel…

uGet 2 Promises to Be the Best Download Manager on Linux

uGet, a download manager for the Linux platform that features all the options you could possibly want, is preparing to get a major new version, and a Beta build has been made available.

uGet is a piece of software that has been around for quite some time. In fact, just a few months ago, the uGet devs celebrated 11 years of existence for their software. For some reason, the application didn't get enough traction, but that might change pretty soon.

Old-school Linux users don't really l… (read more)

New Code Starts Lining Up For X.Org Server 1.17

X.Org Server 1.17 is planned for release at the start of 2015 and thus puts the closing of the merge window in the middle of October. While some xorg-server 1.17 code has already landed, more is on the way…

Rust Developers Planning For The Rust 1.0 Language

Rust, the general purpose, safe, and concurrent programming language developed by Mozilla Research, is starting to assemble their vision of Rust 1.0…

GNOME Control Center 3.14 RC1 Corrects Lots of Potential Crashes

GNOME Control Center, GNOME's main interface for the configuration of various aspects of your desktop, has been updated to version 3.14 RC1, along with a lot of the packages from the GNOME stack.

The GNOME Control Center is a piece of software that's actually very important in the GNOME ecosystem, although not all users are aware of its existence. This is the part that takes care of all the settings in an OS powered by GNOME, as you can see from the screenshot.

It's not something… (read more)

RPM 4.12 Brings New Switches, New Rpm2Archive Utility

RPM 4.12 has been released as the latest version of the RPM Package Manager. This most recent upgrade brings a fair amount of additions, bug-fixes, API changes, binding improvements,a new plug-in system, and more…

Qt 5.3.2 & Qt Creator 3.2.1 Released

Digia has put out various Qt project updates today…

Terraria Is Now in the Works for Linux

The open world 2D action adventure game Terraria, developed and published by Re-Logic, will be getting a Linux release and the developers are already working on it.

Terraria was initially released a few years ago and it was a highly successful game right from the start. Ignoring the console and focusing just on Steam, we find Terraria as one of the best-selling titles for the Windows platform, overtaking much bigger games like Portal 2 or The Witcher 2.

The developers are now finally looking… (read more)

Valve Cracks Down on Exploits with Latest Team Fortress 2 Update

Valve has updated the Team Fortress 2 FPS multiplayer game and it has pushed a series of gameplay changes and a few improvements.

The Team Fortress 2 title is one of the first IPs from Valve to get a Linux port and it's also one of the most played titles on Steam. Having so many players online puts a lot of pressure on the development team to rapidly fix any issues that might creep up.

Valve releases numerous updates for this game, with most of the changes usually for gameplay balancing … (read more)

KDE Developer Says Community Managers Are a Fraud and a Farce

The community managers play a very important role in the open source community and they usually shape up the projects they work on, but it looks like not everyone agrees with their function.

KDE developer Aaron Seigo is a very outspoken person and he is known for his strong opinions. He recently proposed for public debate a very heated and interesting subject about the role of the community managers for the open source project.

He thinks that the community managers' role, as they are wor… (read more)

Cheese Is a GNOME App That Lets You Have Fun with the Webcam

Cheese is a Photobooth-inspired GNOME application for taking pictures and videos from a webcam, and its developers have released a new version that brings a ton of improvements.

Cheese is an easy-to-recognize application from the GNOME stack and it's been around for a very long time. It's actually included in many Linux distros by default, although it's no longer used as much. Still, the devs have made quite a few changes and improvements for the 3.14 launch.

A new GNOME release … (read more)

Distribution Release: Raspbian 2014-09-09

Eben Upton has announced the availability of an updated release of Raspbian, a Debian-based distribution designed for the Raspberry Pi single-board mini-computer: “If you head over to the downloads page, you’ll find new versions of our Raspbian image and NOOBS installer. Alongside the usual firmware and kernel improvements,….

Proxmox VE (Virtual Environment) 3.3 Features Two-Factor Authentication and New Firewall

Proxmox VE (Virtual Environment) 3.3 is an easy-to-use open source virtualization platform for running Virtual Appliances and Virtual Machines. It has just been updated and the developers have made quite a few changes.

The latest version of Proxmox VE is quite a big one and that can be easily seen from what developers have noted in the official announcement. The latest iteration is very much focused on security, and a number of new features, like two-factor authentication, have been added.

I… (read more)