Robolinux 8.1 Cinnamon Runs Windows 10 Inside the OS

Robolinux is a Linux distribution based on Debian that features various flavors and that allows its users to run Windows apps via a virtual machine solution. Now the developer has released the first version in the 8.x branch, and it’s powered by a Cinnamon desktop.

This is the first edition of Robolinux that is based on the new Debian 8, and it looks like the developers also chose to make Cinnamon the default desktop. The previous branch was using GNOME, but it’s not sure i… (read more)

Linux Kernel 4.1.3 LTS Is Now the Most Advanced Version Available

The latest version of the stable Linux kernel, 4.1.3, has been made available by Greg Kroah-Hartman, which means that this is now the most advanced version released.

It’s been a while since the 4.x branch was released, and now it’s coming into its own. This particular branch has already received quite a few updates, and it’s been integrated with numerous distros already. The fact that it’s the most advanced out there is also a good incentive to use it if you want the best s… (read more)

Distribution Release: Robolinux 8.1

John Martinson has announced the release of Robolinux 8.1, a major new release of the distribution that features an optional (and commercial) virtual machine pack for running Windows alongside Robolinux. This is the first version based on Debian GNU/Linux 8 “Jessie”, with the only available desktop environment being….

BackBox Linux 4.3 Is a Powerful Penetration Testing Based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

BackBox Linux is a distribution based on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS that’s used to perform penetration tests and security assessments. A new update has been released, bringing the version number up to 4.3.

This might now seem like the kind of operating system that gets a lot of updates, but the latest version of BackBox Linux was released all the way back in April. The developers used that time to make some important upgrades to the distribution, and many of the core components hav… (read more)

What the Ubuntu IP Announcement means

The announcement by the FSF and Software Freedom Conservancy has a lot of jargon in it so to help people better understand I am going to do an analysis. Mind you, back in 2012, I reached out to the FSF on these very licensing concerns which no doubt combined with other developers contacts set in motion these discussions.

In a nutshell, the FSF is making it clear while some progress was made that the Ubuntu IP Policy is still not a good example of a policy that protects the freedoms you have to using code under the licenses of software Ubuntu bundles into the distro we use and love. This is concerning because Canonical has essentially made some concessions but put its foot down and not made as much change as it needs to.



Submitted by: Benjamin Kerensa

Distribution Release: BackBox Linux 4.3

Raffaele Forte has announced the release of BackBox Linux 4.3, the latest stable build of the project’s Ubuntu-based distribution containing a collection of utilities designed to perform penetration testing and forensic analysis tasks: “The BackBox Team is pleased to announce the updated release of BackBox Linux, version 4.3…..

Introducing the First MATE Edition of Gentoo-Based Calculate Linux – Gallery

On July 21, Alexander Tratsevskiy, the creator and lead developer of the Russian Calculate Linux project, had the great pleasure of informing us all about the immediate availability for download of the first MATE edition of his Gentoo-based distribution.

As you might have already guessed, the Calculate Linux MATE flavor is built around the traditional MATE desktop environment, whi… (read more)

GNOME’s GTK+ 3.18 to Bring Multiple Mir, Wayland, and X11 Improvements

The development team behind the GNOME Project is hard at work these days to bring you the fourth snapshot of the anticipated GNOME 3.18 desktop environment, due for release on September 23, 2015.

The open-source and cross-platform GTK+ GUI toolkit has been updated to version 3.17.5 as part of the forthcoming GNOME 3.17.4 desktop environment release and it introduces a bunch of new features and improvements that I will list in the next paragraphs.

First of all, it is of t… (read more)

Debian 9 “Stretch” Alpha 1 Installer Released, Supports Linux Kernel 4.0

The Debian Project, through Cyril Brulebois, has announced earlier today that the first Alpha build of the Debian GNU/Linux 9 “Stretch” Installer is now available for download and testing.

Among the most important changes implemented in the read more)

Maintenance | 23rd July 07:00 – 09:00 UTC

Please be aware of maintenance occurring on 23rd July. We advise avoiding risky activity while maintenance is ongoing.

GNOME’s GTK+ 3.16.6 Brings Partial Aspect Ratio Support for Mac OS X

On July 21, the GNOME Project announced the immediate availability for download of the sixth maintenance release of the GTK+ 3.16 open-source and cross-platform GUI toolkit for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

According to the internal changelog, which we have attached at the end of the article for reference, GTK+ 3.16.6 is here to introduce initial aspect ratio support for the Mac OS X operating system, as well as to revert a change in the scro… (read more)

Kodi 15.0 “Isengard” Open-Source Media Center Has Been Officially Released

After several months of hard work, the developers behind the next-generation Kodi open-source and cross-platform media center software, formerly known as XBMC Media Center, are more than proud to announce the release of Kodi 15.0, codename Isengard.

Dubbed by its developers the “One Release to Rule Them All,” the final version of Kodi 15.0 is now available for download for all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows, and introduces a great … (read more)

GNOME’s Evince 3.18 Document Viewer Will Bring a New Annotations Toolbar

The GNOME Project is hard at work these days to release the fourth snapshot of the upcoming GNOME 3.18 desktop environment, due for release on September 23, 2015. The Evince 3.17.4 document viewer app has been updated with new features.

According to the raw changelog, which we’ve attached at the end of the article for reference, the Evince 3.17.4 unstable build is here to introduce an all new annotations toolbar that replace the sidebar tab and promises to let users add ann… (read more)

Ubuntu Make 0.9 Brings Initial Support for the Arduino IDE, Visual Studio Code Fixes

Didier Roche, the developer of the popular Ubuntu Make command-line software that lets users install various third-party applications in the Ubuntu Linux operating system, had the pleasure of announcing the immediate availability of Ubuntu Make 0.9.

According to Mr. Roche, the Ubuntu Make 0.9 release contains initial support for installing Arduino, a… (read more)

Google Releases Chrome 44 Stable for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS

Today, July 21, Google announced that it promoted the the Google Chrome 44 web browser for Chrome OS, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, as well as Microsoft Windows operating systems to the stable channel.

According to the release announcement, Google Chrome 44, which has the same build number as the last Beta build, version 44.0.2403.89, is here to introduce a num… (read more)

Distribution Release: Calculate Linux 14.16.2 “MATE”

The developers of Calculate Linux have announced the release of a new edition of the Gentoo-based distribution. The new desktop branch of Calculate features the MATE desktop environment. “We are very happy that such a wonderful project as GNOME 2 is not dead and continues its development under….

GNOME Foundation: Minutes of the Board meeting of July, 07th, 2015

= Minutes for Tuesday, July 7th, 2015, 16:00 UTC =

Next meeting date, Monday, July 20th, 2015, 17:00 UTC

== Attending ==
 * Rosanna Yuen
 * Jeff Fortin
 * Shaun McCance
 * Allan Day
 * Cosimo Cecchi
 * Ekaterina Gerasimova

 * Old board members attending
  * Marina Zhurakhinskaya
  * Tobias Mueller
== Regrets ==
 * Andrea Veri

 * Old board members:
  * Karen Sandler

== Missing ==
 * Christian Hergert

 * Old board members:
  * Sriram Ramkrishna

== Board meeting ==

 * Desktop Summit 2011 taxes
  * The Desktop Summit was reclassified as a commercial event rather than a charity fundraiser in 2014
  * KDE e.V. had to pay more taxes (6821.95 EUR) on the profit as a result, which were paid in 2014
  * Contacted GNOME to request half of the extra amount (3410.97 EUR) that had to be paid (as per agreement)
  * Supporting paperwork from the Finanzamt provided
  * Supporting paperwork does not correspond to the totals provided by KDE e.V.
  * Clarification has been requested but is not satisfactory
   * Need further clarificatoin
  * ACTION: Rosanna to request them the annotated document (circling the relevant amounts and calculations leading up to the total etc.)
 * Travel committee budget
  * Need to assign travel committee budget for future events ( )
    * The board allocates a budget for the travel committee bi-annually.
    * The last round (in October 2014) was quite small (6k) as we were worried about how the situation with regard to the Groupon trademark infringement would evolve
  * Does the travel committee need a new budget allocation now?
   * Yes
   * No events occurred since April 2015, but some are expected to occur in September.
   * It would be reasonable to allocate another 6k for April-September 2015 sooner rather than later
   * Budget for October 2015-March 2016 should be voted on by 
   * We should also follow-up with Matthias whether the Boston/Montreal summit planning is underway; detailed organization notes from last year (where the coffee comes from?!)
   * ACTION: Allan to follow up and check on the status of the Boston/Montreal Summit
   * ACTION: Cosimo to take the vote for the new 6k allocation for the 2nd half of this financial year to the mailing list
  * ACTION: Rosanna to check that Andreas received the money for GUADEC accommodation
 * Travel subsidy for keynote at Open Source Hong Kong
  * EUR 650.00 for Tobi to attend and present a keynote
  * Very late request (20th June for a 26th June event)
  * Tobi did not receive travel sponsorship from elsewhere, accomodation was covered by Open Source Hong Kong
  * VOTE: assign EUR 650.00 to Tobi for the event? +1 Allan, Jeff, Shaun; Cosimo and Kat abstain
 * Annual report:
  * As things stand currently, it is not going to happen in time for GUADEC
    * It is extremely important to get paper copies out for adboard representatives to help justify their involvement with the GNOME Foundation
  * Badly needs more/new volunteers to get involved and write chunks of it
  * Current state:
  * Jeff has been working on the intro letter for it
  * Shaun willing to take up prodding duties
 * GUADEC Adboard meeting
   * ACTION: Jeff to reach out again to adboard members, past & present, to encourage them to talk to us at GUADEC
   * ACTION: Allan to start drafting the agenda for that meeting through the mailing list
   * The Document Foundation would like to exchange Advisory Board members with the GNOME Foundation
    * Everyone: Excellent idea
    * Consider asking for  booth at if we can staff it, and offering them to have a booth at GUADEC
    * ACTION: Kat to follow up
 * DEFERRED: General Foundation budget update
 * To mailing list: New standard meeting time (for the new board)
 * DEFERRED: GUADEC status update

== Discussed on the mailing list ==
 * VOTEs on invitations letters (for GUADEC participants needing a VISA) for GUADEC 2015
  * Srinivasa Ragavan (former Board member, Evolution contributor, speaker)
  * Jonathan Kang (GSoC student)
  * Luo, Yangcheng (gnome-logs contributor)
  * VOTE regarding all the three applicants as the requests were sent as a cumulative e-mail: +1 Andrea, Karen, Jeff, Sri

 * Gift for Gavin Ferris
  * Gavin made his second significant donation to the GNOME Foundation
  * Allan proposed to send Gavin a framed poster with a special thank-you from the Board
  * VOTE: +1 Andrea, Jeff, Karen, Marina, Kat, Sri

== Completed actions ==
 * Marina to follow up with Andreas about the GUADEC 2015 proposed budget and with Fabiana about the party night event
 * Kat to mail back asking for more details on how the total amount we should pay was reached for Desktop Summit 2011 (old item)

== Pending action items ==
 * GUADEC Adboard meeting
   * Jeff to reach out again to adboard members, past & present, to encourage them to talk to us at GUADEC
   * Allan to start drafting the agenda for that meeting through the mailing list
 * Travel committee budget: 
  * Allan to follow up and check on the status of the Boston/Montreal Summit
  * Cosimo to take the vote for the new 6k allocation for the 2nd half of this financial year to the mailing list
  * Rosanna to check that Andreas received the money for GUADEC accommodation
 * Desktop 2011 taxes: Rosanna to request KDE e.V the annotated document (circling the relevant amounts and calculations leading up to the total etc.)
 * Sri to forward the HELLOTUX brand use agreement to Pam for a first review
 * Board to follow up in the upcoming meetings and prepare a version of the CoC to be finally considered final over all the GNOME yearly events
 * Kat to create a private wiki page on the web services accounts holders and passwords
  * Allan and Kat decided to go for a private git account instead for security reasons
 * Kat to draft a proposal for a privacy policy for review
 * Kat to draft a contract template for future use organizations for which we handle money
 * Kat to propose privacy bounty T&C/rules for review
 * Karen to write the Privacy policy for GNOME services
 * Karen will look at gnome-software privacy issues from a legal standpoint
 * Karen to draft a proposal for the photography policy at GNOME conferences to discuss on foundation-list
 * Tobi to continue pursuing the fund collection in Europe
 * Tobi to talk to Andrea to move the PayPal data extraction scripts over to the GNOME infrastructure
 * Sri to investigate better uses of adsense/adwords on the GNOME websites
 * Sri to communicate to Rosanna and work on the donation for the West Coast hackfest
 * Sri, Marina, Kat to work on establishing criteria for drafting for the hiring committee for the ED role
 * Sri to investigate the GNOME gifts situation
 * Sri to coordinate with engagement team to better standardize the licensing of GNOME artwork
 * Jeff to find existing fundraising brochure/proposal documents and come up with one for fundraising for a sysadmin

ARK: Survival Evolved Now Dominates Steam for Linux Top-Selling List

The Steam for Linux platform has been getting a lot of attention lately, and many of the games that have been released have Linux support, which means that top sellers change all the time.

We usually take a look at the top sellers on the Steam for Linux platform because it’s a good tool to see what users are preferring and what they are buying. In this way, more users find out about the good games that are available at any given time. If we couple this with the fact that St… (read more)

Most Violent Game on Steam, Hatred, Might Arrive on Linux

Hatred is a game that got famous after it was initially removed from Steam for being too violent. It was later added back, and now it looks like developers are working on a Linux version as well.

Hatred attracted a lot more attention than it normally would have after someone at Valve decided that it was too violent to be released on Steam, even though the game had made it through the Steam Greenlight program. The removal of the game from Steam got the attention of the media… (read more)

Vedams joins the Charm Partner Programme


Canonical is excited to announce that Vedams has joined the Charm Partner Programme. Canonical’s Charm Partner Programme helps solution providers make best use of Canonical’s universal service modeling tool, Juju. Juju makes it easy to deliver complete solutions in minutes, on virtually any public or private cloud through the use of Charms. The Juju Charm Store has over 300 cloud based applications ready to be deployed, scaled and managed on most public and private clouds, as well as bare metal. Vedams is the lead developer of Tulsi, a open source tool used to monitor the health of a Swift cluster. Tulsi checks the status of drives and services on a Swift cluster and provides a graphical view of individual node status in the cluster, including an overall view of the health of the cluster.

“Vedams is excited to join Canonical’s Charm Partner Program and develop a Juju charm for Tulsi providing users an easy way to deploy swift monitoring on their swift cluster,” said Vedams’ Raj Panchapakesan, Senior Director of Worldwide Strategy & Business Development.

“Canonical is looking forward to adding Tulsi to the Juju charm store. This tool is a wonderful complement to Canonical’s Ubuntu Advantage Swift storage offering,” said Ron Bassett, Canonical’s Director of Cloud Alliances and Partnerships.

To learn more about Canonical’s partner programmes, including the Charm Partner Programme, please visit

About Vedams

Since 2003, Vedams has had a singular focus and passion for providing Engineering services for data storage and infrastructure technologies. The work spans all layers of the storage technology stack-from firmware to storage management software. The services span the entire life cycle of the product  in traditional storage like NAS, SAN, DAS, Tape, etc. to the latest cutting edge technologies like Flash, Hyper–converged and software defined storage & networking.

Leveraging the years of storage experience,  Vedams built a practice to focus on OpenStack and other leading Open source cloud platforms.  Since 2010 Vedams OpenStack development expertise for Cloud Storage includes :

  • OpenStack Swift, Cinder, Neutron etc.
  • Custom design and development of OpenStack based applications/software
  • Setting up Swift clusters (proxy servers, storage servers, ring creations, etc.)
  • Developing REST based services and expose REST API interfaces
  • Monitoring engine for Openstack Swift
  • Writing Cinder drivers for Storage Arrays to provision Block Storage
  • Performance and benchmark testing expertise – Nova and Cinder
  • Design and Architect networks using available plugins in Neutron, for Layer 2 and Layer 3 based topologies

Vedams proven domain and technology expertise has helped our customers in faster time to market, and improved cost effectiveness with a good blend of on and offshore resources. Vedams offers flexible engagement models tailored to customer requirements and delivers an on demand, scalable extension of the customer engineering resources.  For more info please visit